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It’s SO good to be back home! We are currently on a missions trip in Romania, and for those of you who don’t know, I was born and raised here. While I lived in the city most of my life, I did not experience village life very often. Of course I had the occasional visits to the countryside to visit my grandparents, but never actually got around those really poor sides of the country. It wasn’t until after I met my in-laws that I got to experience missions work and get more involved in doing ministry in gypsy villages.

Foundation for Hope has a huge heart for ministry and I am so happy to be traveling back to Romania with them this year to serve those in need.

gypsy village ministry

Yesterday we visited the village of Osand and shared God’s love with many families in the gypsy community. They welcomed us into their homes and we were able to witness to many of them. We had a special time sharing God’s word with some of the ladies in the community during our lady’s ministry and had a great time playing games, doing face painting, and teaching the children of Osand a Bible story during VBS. We had somewhere between 80 and 90 children that attended VBS. How great is that?!

Tomorrow we are expecting about 170 pastors and their wives to join us for our annual pastors’ conference and we hope to bring encouragement and hope to their lives as most of them serve churches  in the rural area and have to work two or sometimes even three jobs to support their families. Most of them don’t get any compensation for their church jobs… talk about commitment!  Please keep us, and those who we are serving here in Romania, in your prayers.

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