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Think about your bridal session as a trial run for your wedding day! This encompasses everything from the shoes you are going to wear, to the style of your hair and makeup. You want to see yourself as a bride and be able to make any changes needed before the big day. You may have your mind set on the way you want to wear your hair, but after testing it out for some pictures, you may realize that another style is what best suits your look. Keeping this in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts when preparing for a bridal session to ensure that it goes as stress-free and smoothly as possible:

DO accept that your dress is going to get a little dusty. This does not mean that it will get muddy or attract any stains, but no matter how careful you are, the odds are that your dress will pick up a little dust along the way. Don’t fret this, simply plan ahead to have your dress cleaned before your big day!

DON’T do your own makeup and/or hair. Using the same makeup artist and hair stylist that you plan on using for your wedding day will allow you to get comfortable with the professionals and explore different options for what looks best. You want to use the same people for your bridal session because it will make you more comfortable going into the biggest day of your life.

DO bring a helper to your session, but make sure it’s the right person. You are going to need help getting in and out of your dress, as well as someone to help you with keeping your dress unharmed. Make sure this person is someone that will make you candid in front of the camera. Leave the grumpy people at home!

DON’T stay in the sun too long before your session. Tan lines tend to look unflattering and are not always easy to remove in post-production. If you must, be sure to use a good tanning lotion that you can spread evenly on your body and avoid looking splotchy. Just know, natural skin is always the best for pictures.

DO have fun! Think of this as a rehearsal for your big day. The more stressed you are, the more uncandid you will be in your pictures. You meticulously planned all the details for your session so take advantage of it and enjoy!gorgeous bridal bouquetAre you ready to schedule your own bridal session? We’d love to hear from you! Go over to our CONTACT page and let’s start chatting!

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