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Why Photos Are Important To Preserving Memories

Happy Saturday, friends! I came across this beautiful commercial from the Swiss photo printing company, ifolor last night and it was so touching that I had to share it with you all. This was such a sweet reminder why preserving memories is so important.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve always considered it an honor to document such precious memories in my couples’ lives. Photographing a wedding is a responsibility I don’t take lightly. I know that these photographs are going to be shared with children and grandchildren one day and that is a powerful statement.

I always encourage each and every one of my couples to order a professional wedding album and this video is exactly the reason why. Prints will always stand the test of time, especially with all the new technology that is developing on a daily basis. USBs and DVDs get forgotten about and put in the corner of a drawer but physical prints are so easy to reach.

Don’t postpone ordering your wedding album. The chances are that if you don’t order it with your wedding package, you’re never going to have one. We ordered our wedding album 3 years after we got married, and that is simply because I decided to make it a priority that year.

Enjoy this sweet 45 second video. Fair warning, you might need to grab a couple tissues before you start watching it!

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