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Sorella Farms is one of my favorite wedding venues around! One of the most important decisions that you will be making for your wedding is the venue. It is the location that you will be holding the most-important day of your life at so it needs to be absolutely breathtaking. This needs to be a place that really reflects who you are as a couple and allows you to express yourself through the décor of it. It should not be a place that you choose without thought because remember, people are coming to see you and should be wowed on this day! With all of this being said, we decided to interview a venue that we believe is one of the most suitable, charming and stunning in the Central Virginia area: Sorella Farms. The following are the questions we asked Sorella as well as their answers:

How did the venue come into being? Who started it?
Sorella means “sisters” in Italian, and as of today there are 3 generations of sisters involved in the business. Sorella Farms is a family farm and a family run business. We love working together. Everyone brings their own unique perspective and talents which makes for some beautiful outcomes.

What sets apart your wedding venue from others?
Virginia is known for its natural beauty and rich history. At Sorella this is epitomized as generations of Virginians have raised their families and worked the fields for over 200 years. Original outbuildings, the 1827 vintage home, and one of a kind Amish built barn portray a life that is seldom seen today.

Do you do events as well as weddings? If so, is the venue seasonal or year-round?
Weddings and other special events are welcome throughout the year. We are always happy to provide personalized tours and work with each group or individual to make their occasion special and uniquely theirs.

What services does your venue provide?
Sorella Farms can provide indoor and/or outdoor accommodations. Our 75 acre farm is situated on rolling hills and green meadows, providing gorgeous settings for any occasion. The 1800’s barn is an incredible piece of history and beauty that allows for any event to be captured on camera. The vintage home can be toured and also utilized by bridal parties, special guests, and others.

How many guests does your venue hold?
Due to the vast expanse of the outdoors Sorella can accommodate hundreds of guests. 200 can be accommodated indoors.

What is the best memory you have of the venue?
So many wonderful memories have been made at Sorella Farms over the years. One of the sweetest is when we realized that there was a way to share this wonderful place with more than just our family. That’s when we decided to create a place where others could come and enjoy the beauty and peace that surrounds this historical and unique property.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future of the venue?
Wow, that’s a loaded question! With so many talents and visions being shared among family members, there are tons of amazing ideas and projects being planned. Projects in the making are to make the pond even more of a focus for events, put a permanent arbor on “I Do Hill”, expand tours to the outbuildings, and… Well, you get the idea!

If you could offer a bride looking for a venue one piece of advice, what would it be?
Desire and strive to make your marriage even more beautiful and precious than your wedding!

When choosing a wedding venue, be sure to get well acquainted with the workers. There may be some nice venues that you are entertaining the idea of booking, but remember, if the service/customer-care is poor or even non-existent, it is not a place you want to host your wedding. Sorella has some of the sweetest and most-gracious workers and strives to provide its clients with exceptional care. Seriously, look back to the last question and see for yourself what outstanding character the staff has. If you are still in need of a wedding venue, Sorella may just be the perfect slice of paradise you are looking for!

sorella farms wedding barnreception barn at sorella farms in evington, virginia

To find out more about this exquisite venue, visit their website and Facebook page!

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