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Do you ever find yourself staring at your phone, unsure of what to post next on social media?    Well, you’re not alone.   And I’m here to help make things a whole lot easier for you. 🙌   👉 I’m opening up a limited number of spots this month for photographers looking to post […]

free caption templates for photographers


A lot of people think that the way to achieve light and airy images is through editing.    While editing plays a major part in it, the decisions you make before shooting are crucial in achieving this photography style.   Today, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about light and airy photography […]

light and airy 101


How do you take light and airy photos on cloudy days?    I get this question a lot.    Surprisingly, shooting on overcast days can be just as challenging as shooting in harsh midday sunlight.     However, achieving light and airy photos in overcast lighting is actually possible when you follow these tips! 👇    […]

Cloudy days light and airy photos


What is Imagen AI?   Imagen AI is an editing app that analyzes your Lightroom catalogs, learns your editing style, and then edits your photos for you… in MINUTES. The amount of time I’ve saved by using Imagen AI is insane, and the tweaks I make to my galleries are minimal.   How Imagen AI […]

what is Imagen AI


Imagen AI vs presets – let’s chat! Imagen AI and presets both help with editing, but they do it in their own unique way. So, let’s take a look at how Imagen AI is different from presets:   1. Adaptability   Presets: Presets are a collection of predefined settings that you apply to your photos. […]

imagen ai vs presets


Do you ever find yourself staring at your screen, drowning in a sea of images to edit and thinking, “There’s got to be a better way”? I’ve been there too.   Well, guess what?    I’ve partnered with Imagen AI to release the Bright & Clean AI Editing Profile. It’s like using my Bright & […]

Imagen AI profile


Let me tell you about my new Imagen AI editing profile. 🎉 I have some very exciting news to share that I’ve been keeping a secret for the past few weeks! And because you’re reading this blog post, you’re the FIRST TO HEAR…   I’m doing things differently with my editing this year!    My […]

Imagen AI editing profile


Is your wedding photography business legally sound? When it comes to protecting your business, you don’t want to leave it up to chance. I can’t stress enough how many stories I’ve come across from fellow photographers who faced challenges because their contracts didn’t offer sufficient protection.    Distinguishing between reliable and unreliable contracts online is […]

Wedding Photography Contracts


Creating those dramatic black and white photos that stir up emotions is easier than you might think. Let’s break it down together!   Why Black & White?   I personally only switch to black and white in two specific scenarios:  when I want to intensify the emotional impact when I need to save an image […]

dramatic black and white photos


What are the best business resources for photographers?    Being a photographer is so much more than taking pictures. You need a website, contract, client management tool, editing software, and more. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know which tools are worth investing in.   That’s why, after over […]

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