I built a photography business from scratch with a DSLR in one hand and a shiny, new wedding ring on the other. I was in a new city halfway across the world, and knew exactly 10 people — so why not start a new business?

Building a photography business can feel like the best and hardest thing you’ve ever done — all at once.


Being a professional photographer doesn’t have to mean scraping by financially, hustling to find clients, and editing your photos into the wee hours of the morning …

…in fact—hard pass on all of that.

Whether you’re working to leave your 9-to-5 to become a full-time photographer or you’ve been at this for years, setting yourself up for success means finding the systems, rhythms, and workflows that allow you to run the business that brings you joy.

—but it’s better than sitting on the couch daydreaming about it.

Whatever got you started in this business might not be enough to ensure you succeed

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Instagram caption templates made easy so you can spend less time stressing about your social media presence and more time focusing on what you love the most - capturing stunning photos! 

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"Alina's content is always really relevant to what I need to know. She keeps it simple, breaking down the steps and including pictures so it's easy to digest the information and be able to turn it around and apply it. Alina's tips on finding light and how to pose the bride and groom to get the most images in a short period of time have been incredibly important to providing consistent, high-quality images to my couples!”

Alina's content is always really relevant to what I need to know.

Sydney Kane photography

"I've been on Alina's email list and in her Facebook group for quite a while now. She was one of the first photographers I trusted in my inbox because her tips are truly unlike anything else anyone was teaching. They were all small implementable action steps that I could immediately start doing and make a huge difference in my business."

Alina's tips are truly unlike anything else anyone is teaching.

I’m a wife, a mama, and a Virginia-based photography educator who built a successful photography business from scratch after moving to the US from Romania & getting my first camera as a wedding gift.

We were expecting our first baby and I was miserable in my 9-to-5 job, so I decided to build a business that could support the life for my family that I’d been daydreaming about. 

Hi, I'm Alina - 

True story: I’m a total math nerd & studied computer science.

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Looking for ways to grow? 

But… you don’t break a person away from a math and science background so easily. Once I found myself getting overwhelmed by everything on my plate — I did what I do best and turned it all into a workable, repeatable, step-by-step proven formula. 

Now, I help photographers master the skills they need to become more confident, efficient business owners — to build lives and careers full of freedom and joy.

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In a Nutshell


Reframe how you think about posing your clients — this trick will keep your shoots moving without getting stuck.

Improve Your Posing With This #1 Tip


Quit posting boring announcements (“So-and-so is on the blog today!") and engage your audience. Here’s how!

Instagram Captions Template

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Are you skipping an integral step of the client process? Let's change that! Get your hands on my template.

Why you need a Wedding Questionnaire

find your rhythm

Ready to find your rhythm in business?

Great Places
To Start:

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Grab the step-by-step workflow I use in Honeybook for each of my wedding clients to make sure I don’t miss anything.

My Honeybook Workflow

HANNA Morgan photography

“Before starting the posing course, I would freeze up and feel lost when posing. I would go WAY TOO FAST through my favorite poses, and then feel awkward and embarrassed when I didn't know what else to do. Now, after the posing course, I have added more poses and more systems that will ALWAYS work to help me get more variety and more pictures for my clients in general! I can now go through this system and confidently know what I am going to do next!!! Alina's program is something that makes SO MUCH SENSE, but I just had never thought of it in that way! It's like she read my mind and then created a course just for me! Thank you Alina!!”

Alina's program is something that makes SO MUCH SENSE.

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Lindsay Elaine Photography

“Before starting the posing course, I was always searching Pinterest for the greatest poses and trying to describe to my couples where they should put their hands, where they needed to look, but they never turned out the same as that perfect Pinterest photo. After the posing course, I feel more confident posing my couples and knowing exactly how to direct them. I'm loving the way my photos are turning out and having such a variety from a few core poses. The posing course helped me realize that posing doesn't have to be hard! It's fun and easy when you follow the flow. I would describe Alina's teaching style as very hands-on and informative. I know the course is an e-course, but I still felt like she was right there with me walking me through all of the information. All of the scripts and photos really helped me as a visual learner.”

I would describe Alina's teaching style as very hands-on and informative.

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WHAT photographers ARE SAYING

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