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Get fully edited galleries back in minutes–because your time matters! 

The Bright & Clean 
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faster editing

Are you drowning in a sea of endless editing, sacrificing precious family time and missing out on life as your editing sessions seem never-ending?

If your to-do list is growing longer, your nights are dedicated to editing well into the wee hours, and your family takes a back seat as you navigate through those late-night editing sessions, then it’s time for a change.

Imagine what it would feel like to have your entire session beautifully edited while you enjoy a well deserved coffee break or dinner with your loved ones. Now you can… with the help of Imagen AI, an editing app powered by artificial intelligence that seamlessly edits your Lightroom catalogs in minutes. No additional software needed!

Stop spending hours  editing your sessions.
Let me edit for you!

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Love my editing style? I’ve partnered with Imagen AI to create a Bright & Clean AI Editing Profile that has studied over 18,000 of my edits, learned my editing style, has been trained to edit each individual photo just like I do… and now you can use it too!


The Bright & Clean AI Profile  

After years of tweaking and perfecting my editing style, my signature look is now seamlessly available as an AI profile, giving you the power to elevate your work without sacrificing your time. I'm excited for you to start reclaiming the hours spent editing, so you can focus on what truly matters – spending more time with your loved ones and growing your business!

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Your Time-Saving Editing Assistant!

Balanced Hues

Bright & Airy Lighting

True to Life Skin Tones

Edit your photos and achieve:

Edit your photos and achieve:

Plus, quickly & easily create the consistency you’re looking for within every gallery you deliver and throughout your entire portfolio.





Get my AI profile

On average, the Bright & Clean AI Editing Profile takes just MINUTES to work its magic on your photos, whether it's a portrait session or an entire wedding gallery.

My custom AI profile not only speeds up your image editing process, but also replicates my exact editing style. It’s more than applying a standard preset to your images, it actually edits each individual photo just like I would!  

Consistency at your fingertips—to make editing simple & fast.

Instantly transform your photos!

Before & After Transformations




Jackie Siggard Photography

Alina Thomas Photography

Taylor B. Photography




Alina Thomas Photography

Emily G. Photography

B. Rutledge Photography


alina thomas photography


taylor b. photography


alina thomas photography


emily G. Photography


b. Rutledge photography

Sit back and let Imagen AI do the work. In just minutes, your gallery will be fully edited.

Deliver Consistency

Select the Bright & Clean Imagen AI Editing Profile to edit your photos.

Apply the AI Profile

Open the Imagen AI app and create
a new project. Next, upload your images from Lightroom to Imagen AI.

Create a New Project

how does it work?

How does the Bright & Clean AI Profile work?

Step 03

Step 02

Step 01

Make any final touches, hit export, and voilà! You’re done, all while you enjoyed your cup of coffee or spent some quality time playing with your kids.

Replicate Alina's signature editing style in your own work.

Maximize your efficiency during work hours, so your personal time is truly yours.

Create a consistent style in your photo editing that showcases your work.

Deliver your clients’ collections faster—and with a more cohesive look.

The Bright & Clean AI Profile is for you if you want to...

I’ve heard from so many photographers who are just plain tired of all the work they have to do after a session, so I wanted to create something that would help relieve the stress so that you can get out from behind your computer and quickly deliver final galleries to your clients!

Hi, I’m Alina! I’m a wife, mom, wedding photographer, and educator. When I’m not photographing weddings, you might be able to find me reading a book, researching our next travel adventure, or finding new fixer-upper projects around the house.

I’m so excited to help other photographers just like you take back their time and create images they are proud of with the new Bright & Clean AI Profile!

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