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This week felt like Christmas to me. Not only did we put up our Christmas tree (I know, I know it’s not even December yet) but I also got a bunch of photography related goodies in the mail. Two days in a row! My favorite, I have to admit, was the new camera bag I’ve been wanting for a while.

I needed something sturdy enough to hold my gear during engagement sessions and wedding days. Something not too big or too small, something easy to carry around and heavily padded to protect my camera and lenses.

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What is so special about this camera bag, you may ask? Here is what I love most about my Koolertron bag:

Size. Like I mentioned before, it’s one of those bags that is neither too big, nor too small. It’s perfect for carrying around at a session and it stays on my shoulders while shooting.

Pockets. It comes in handy when you can just reach a new memory or business card right from your front pocket so easily. And did I tell you that it has a back pocket as well?! It is just perfect for contracts. The individual pockets make everything so accessible and organized.

It’s durable. This bag is durable and safe. Made out of PU leather and being heavily padded, I am always sure that my camera and lenses are constantly protected. To me, this is the most important aspect of a camera bag. I want to make sure that my equipment is safe at all times. Did I mention it is waterproof? Say what?!

It’s practical. Not only does it fit a camera body and 2 extra lenses, but it can also be used as a leisure bag if you take out the liner. How awesome is that?!

Price. This is a functional bag that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. In fact, it is quite affordable. You can purchase this bag for under $50. Isn’t that aaah-mazing?

If you are searching for a camera bag, I hope this review came in handy and will help you make your decision. If you know of someone that could benefit from reading this article, please SHARE it. Have questions? I would love to answer them. Ask away.



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  • November 16, 2014 - 2:39 pm

    joshua - Where can we get it?ReplyCancel

  • November 16, 2014 - 7:48 pm

    Brooke - Like I need another camera bag, lol, BUT I do need a small bag for when I travel to Florida in February… What does your bag hold? It looks like a body & two lenses? Would it hold the 70-200? Thanks for writing this up! :)ReplyCancel

    • November 17, 2014 - 2:46 pm

      Alina Thomas - Haha! I’m right there with you, Brooke! It fits a camera body and 2 lenses. Depending on the lens, it might fit a camera+lens attached to it and 2 extra lenses. It can hold a 70-200 for sure. It’s quite deep.ReplyCancel

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