Instagram Captions for Wedding Photographers

Let’s talk about Instagram captions for wedding photographers! On a scale from 1 to 10, how comfortable or excited are you about writing Instagram captions?! If you answered “zero”, keep on reading!


Have you ever wanted to share a picture from a wedding or engagement session on social media, then stared at the blank caption box for a while not knowing what to say?!

Finally, you come up with the *magic* caption that says: “So-and-so’s wedding is featured on the blog.”

Yeah, I’ve totally been there too! But what if I told you that you didn’t have to wrack your brain to come up with caption ideas on the fly anymore?

Imagine if you had a 70 day caption plan that you could start implementing TODAY… That’s over TWO months of posting daily on social media!

Luckily for you, our Social Media Toolkit for Wedding Photographers includes 70 different caption starters that are fully customizable so you can know exactly what to post and what to say EVEN IF you’re feeling stuck.

Here’s a caption you can copy and paste TODAY:

Can I be honest for a second?! While my Instagram feed is filled with beautiful people and love stories right now (after all, my clients do have the best weddings around!!), I’m ready to get back in the trenches and photograph sweet moments like this again.

Don’t you just love the way [Groom] is looking at [Bride] in this image? I absolutely cannot wait to get back to some of my favorite venues this fall, but until then, enjoy this stunning @VenueName wedding from this past summer on my blog. Click here to check it out: [your blog name]!

Double tap if you love this image as much as I do! ❤️

That’s much better than “So-and-so’s wedding is featured on the blog.”, don’t you think? And yes, you CAN totally share old sessions again, especially during this time!


  • You could post to social media in 2 minutes or less every single day.
  • You had a 70 day caption plan that you could start implementing right away… even if you suck at writing. (That’s over two months of posting daily on social media!!)
  • You could consistently show up on social media and finally start feeling good about your marketing plan.
  • You could write captions that attract your dream clients and build trust with your audience.

Want to post on social media in 2 minutes or less EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?! Snag your photography toolkit with our fully customizable Instagram captions for wedding photographers, and start posting without the stress and overwhelm!


instagram captions for wedding photographers

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