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Today’s blog post is all about how you can improve your posing TODAY! This simple tip is guaranteed to make your next session or wedding flow easier.

Has this ever happened to you?!


You’re shooting a session, and you’re off to a great start. You’re not even mid session, and you realize that you’ve gone through all of your poses WAY too fast. Then, you try to come up with new ideas (after all, you can’t keep shooting the same 5 poses over and over again!!) but your mind goes blank.


You feel stressed and overwhelmed that you’re not able to serve your clients well. You feel like your clients might think that you’re too repetitive. Or, you’re embarrassed and stress about the fact that your couple might realize that you are done after only 20 minutes of shooting.


And let’s be honest, running out of poses also made for a few awkward moments as you worked out what to do next.


Here’s the thing, you’re not alone! I’ve been there too…


I know what it’s like to feel unprofessional, unprepared, and embarrassed. If you’re in a similar place, here’s a foolproof way to improve your posing TODAY!


The hardest part about posing is remembering all of the ideas in your head and having a good flow.


So, rather than thinking of new poses, make one small adjustment at a time. Don’t just direct your couples into a pose, shoot it, and move on.


Here’s what I mean!

posing tips for photographers


In the first image, I had the couple look at the camera and smile. In the second image, I asked them to look at each other. And in the third image, I asked them to kiss. Notice that the couple hasn’t moved their feet at all, yet I was able to create 3 distinct images by simply making one little adjustment at a time.


Here’s another example:


improve couple posing for photographers


These poses are part of the same set of images you saw above. The couple still hasn’t moved their feet. However, this time I asked the bride to hug the groom’s waist while he nuzzled in her ear. From pose #1, I simply asked the bride to bring her hand up to his chest as you see in the second image. And from pose #2, I asked the bride and groom to go nose-to-nose and give each other eskimo kisses (as you see in the third image).


So, remember: whenever you feel like you’re drawing a blank, make one adjustment at a time, until you create multiple variations of the same pose!

If you enjoyed this tip, please let me know in the comment box below. I want to hear from YOU! What are your biggest challenges when it comes to posing your clients? 




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