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We had to let go…

Writing this post is a little bitter-sweet. We’ve been so busy for the past few weeks (more on that later) that I didn’t physically have time to share all the exciting (and less exciting) things that have been happening recently. At the beginning of this month we had to say good-bye to the one thing we called “ours” for over two years. It was hard to let go but we decided that it was the right decision for us.

Shortly after we had baby K. we realized that the 3 of us were quickly outgrowing our cozy little townhouse. So we began thinking about finding a bigger place and started looking around at different houses. The funny thing though, is that as soon as we found one that we liked, it went under contract by the next day. So here we were trying to find a new place to call home and not being able to even put in an offer on the few houses on the market that we thought would meet our needs.

Our realtor highly suggested that we sell our house before looking any further because by having a contingency to sell, our offer wouldn’t stand a chance in front of other offers. The tricky thing though, was that we might be selling our house and not being able to find a place by the time we closed on it. And that was a scary thought. The idea of renting for a while before we found “the one” didn’t sound very appealing, mostly because we would have to move twice.

After talking and praying about it, Timothy and I decided to put our awesome townhouse on the market. I am not just saying that, our house was truly awesome.Within half an hour of it going online we had a potential buyer interested in looking at it. They came the next day and put in an offer. Sounds great, right? Well… we still didn’t have a house to move into if we sold this one so that made me a little uncomfortable. Although we accepted their offer the sale ended up falling thorough. We had another potential buyer inquiring about setting up an appointment that same week and we ended up accepting his offer, which was even more than the original offer. How awesome is that?!  I might be a little biased here but our buyer did end up getting an amazing house! We loved living life there!

As we did our final walk-though at the townhouse the day we moved out, and were ready to lock the door behind us for the very last time, Timothy said to me: “Can you believe we’re doing this? We had K. in this house.” He was right, we shared so many special memories in that townhouse and there we were saying good-bye. Of course I got teary eyes as he said that. It was a bitter-sweet moment. We hugged and kissed for the last time in the house we brought our baby boy from the hospital to for the first time, the house he had his first birthday in, the house we called ours for over two years. The way we ended up getting the townhouse in first place was a miracle but that’s another story for different day.

We locked the door and left, but not until we took a last fancy iPhone family photo in front of it with the SOLD sign.

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