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Independence Day is one of the most patriotic holidays celebrated in the United States. The word independence sounds like a typical word, but when evaluated, is very significant. Independence means freedom, and we all know that nothing is ever really free. We need to be grateful today for our independence and those who fight everyday for it.

Independence Day is a celebration pointing all the way back to July 4, 1776 when the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence which allowed the 13 colonies to begin their journey towards freedom. This is a vital part of American history because without this event, we would not have the freedoms that we celebrate today. Due to this historic day, the 13 colonies became Independent and although the task was not easy, it was worth it to be free.

Today, while you are out celebrating with family, whether it be on a picnic or just around the house, remember those who long also sought freedom and did everything they could to make America its own nation. Also, do not forget to think of and thank those who are still serving in the Armed Forces to ensure we keep our freedoms. Enjoy the festivities of the day!lynchburg-wedding-photographer-alina-thomas001.jpg


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