ConvertKit Review: How to Fully Book Your Calendar With Mini Sessions

This blog post is a ConvertKit review. ConvertKit is the number one tool every photographer needs to use int heir business!


Bold statement, right?!


It’s true. Here’s why!


For the first few years of my business I would deliver a wedding gallery, thank the couple for choosing me as their photographer, and wish them well. I thought that my job was done when I sent them the final link to their online gallery. It NEVER crossed my mind that I could continue to serve them throughout the years!


When my couples started coming back to me for maternity pictures, I had a total AHA wake-up call!


Why has this never crossed my mind before?!


So, I started thinking about the different ways I could continue to serve not only my past couples, BUT ALSO the ones that inquired with me and didn’t book!


The one thing I kept coming back to was a MINI SESSION EVENT!


See where I’m going with this ConvertKit review?


Stay with me here, because this is going to blow your mind! I promise!


I have to save you from making the same painful mistake I made before I realized that just because someone didn’t book me as their wedding photographer, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t serve them at a later point in time.


And since it’s that time of year again, why not host a day (or three) of fall or Christmas mini sessions and fill the spots with past clients, AS WELL as people who inquired with you in the past, but you haven’t had a chance to work with yet?!


Here’s what I want you to do:


I want you to go through all the leads that have come in through your contact form over the years and add all the names and emails to a spreadsheet. If you’ve ever done a bridal show before and have a roster of everyone who attended, then you’re GOLDEN!


It’s SO important to keep track of ALL the inquiries that come in because whenever you have a bad month and need a boost in your revenue, you can promote a mini session event to the people that have already expressed interest in working with you!!


Once you have your spreadsheet ready, you’ll need an email service provider to upload it to and send a broadcast. There are many options out there, and believe me, I’ve tried them all. The one that I kept coming back to was ConvertKit because it offers a really important feature that the other providers don’t. I’ll tell you all about this later in this ConvertKit review blog post!


But first, here’s where ConvertKit comes in handy. It allows you to send everyone on your list the same email, however, you can personalize it by including the person’s first name if you’d like to add a personal touch to your email. Each person on your list will receive a unique, beautiful, and personalized email directly to their inbox. From there, watch your mini sessions fill up before you even get a chance to promote them online.


As I’m starting to promote my fall mini sessions this week, here’s my step-by-step process of what I’m going to do:


  1. Email everyone that booked a mini session with me last year and give them a 24 hour priority registration before I open up the mini sessions to the public the next day. ConvertKit allows you to assign a “tag” to every single person on your list, so you can separate them into as many categories as you want. You can also only email a certain group of people if you want. In this case, I’ll start by only emailing last year’s mini session registrants.
  2. Email everyone else on my list the next day to announce the mini session dates, and invite them to book their spot.
  3. Send a “last chance to book your spot” reminder 1-2 days before the mini sessions, if there are still spots available.


Remember the amazing feature I was mentioning above? ConvertKit allows you to *resend* the same email ONLY to the people who have previously not opened it. How awesome is that?! You can get in front of the same people twice, in case they missed your initial email for some reason. You can even use a different subject line in your email.


So, here’s the deal!


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing, or you can apply some of the new strategies I’m teaching you and serve even more people through your business. I have a chance to give you a 14 day trial to try ConvertKit for FREE. I use it for SO.MANY.THINGS in my business, and I know that it can help you fill up your calendar and boost your sales too.


Click here to get started with ConvertKit for FREE!



P.S. Hey there, bottom scroller! As I’m launching my fall mini sessions this week, I wanted to share with you the #1 tool I’m using to promote them to ALL my past inquiries. Yes, this includes the people who haven’t booked me before because I was out of their price range. I also have the opportunity to give you a 14 day trial to ConvertKit so you can start promoting your Fall/Christmas Mini Sessions TODAY too! This blog post is a ConvertKit review.




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