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How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances


baby oil stainless steelIt’s that time of the year when everybody is doing some spring cleaning around the house! Last weekend we had a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party for our little man so I planned on doing a thorough cleaning around the house.

The one thing I was dreading the most was our stainless steel appliances. We’ve spent money before on cleaning solutions/cleaners that didn’t yield any results for us.  I also tried using a simple damp rag, however, our appliances always looked mushy. And with a 2 year old running around the house, you bet there are fingerprints everywhere! 

Not too long ago I came across a photo on Pinterest that offered a simple solution to cleaning stainless steel appliances. I knew right away that I had to try it! But I intentionally let our appliances get as many tiny fingerprints as possible before I tried this $2 trick just to prove myself that it truly works.

Here’s what my dishwasher looked like before I tried this new product. Embarrassing, I know!

how to clean stainless steell appliances

The next picture shows the difference between cleaning the stainless steel appliances with a damp cloth vs. this new amazing product!

baby oil stainless steel

How did I make that happen? It’s easy… baby oil!!!

stainless steel cleaning

For best results, clean your stainless steel appliances with a damp cloth beforehand. Let dry. Apply just a little bit of baby oil on a soft cloth and wipe gently. The oil will erase any smudges and keep your appliances shiny longer. With a dry cloth wipe away any oil residue. That’s it!

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