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Mexico | Wedding Photographer: Business Lessons I Learned From My Trip

mexico wedding photographerIf you follow me on social media (Instagram and Facebook), you already know that last week my family and I spent a few days in Mexico for vacation. (And now I wish I was a Mexico wedding photographer!)

It was such an amazing experience that on our second day there we already started making plans for going back next year.

I mean, everything was seamless. From the time we arrived to the time we left, they made us feel like royalty.

So what does this have to do with your wedding business?

The Experience You Sell to Your Clients Matters!!

Most couples getting married are planning a wedding for the first time. They have no previous wedding planning experience and finding the right vendors can become overwhelming.
With so many options out there, who can blame them?

Here are two lessons I have learned from our Mexico vacation!

#1 Stand out from the crowd

The resort we stayed at was the most kid-friendly resort we have ever been to. With two little ones, three and under, you bet that was one of the most important things to us when we planned this vacation. What we didn’t expect was for the resort to be SO welcoming of our babies.

If you want to stand out when brides are browsing through dozens of other wedding professionals, make sure you know how to deliver an amazing wedding experience. From the time they inquire, to the time they book, make the whole experience seamless.

Ask, Listen and Connect. Make sure to ask about their needs, listen to what they have to say and make sure to create a connection.

Here’s what I mean: Don’t make everything about you and the services you have to offer. Make it about them! When they book with you, ask them how wedding planning is going, what vendors they are still searching for, etc. If your bride is looking for a florist, tell her about some of your favorite professionals in the industry that you love working with.

You are not only helping your bride by pointing her in the direction where she will find what she is looking for while establishing yourself as reliable, BUT you are also on your way to create a vendor relationship with the industry peer you recommended if she ends up booking with them. Win-win all around!

#2 Go the extra mile

As a photographer, you get to wear many hats throughout your couple’s wedding planning journey. You also become a part-time “wedding planner” if you will. Here are some things you can do to enhance your wedding experience:

Help your bride plan her wedding day timeline. Ensure that you work closely with their coordinator to ensure that they allow enough time for all the photos you need to take on the wedding day (bridal party photos, bride and groom pictures and family formals).

Help put together their family shot list because the task can be too overwhelming for the bride and she will end up giving you a mile long shot list that you know you won’t have enough time to go through on a wedding day.

Did you get a chance to snag my wedding consultation cheat sheet for meeting with potential wedding clients? If not, you can grab it right now by clicking below!

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