My Secret Hack to Creating Vendor Relationships in the Wedding Industry

Vendor relationships are very important in the wedding industry. Want to know how I was able to get my business up and running in a new location, after our most recent move to Northern Virginia?


I started looking up local wedding vendors on social media. I spent some time engaging with them (followed, liked, and commented on their posts) online. After about a week, I reached out to them via email and offered to do something that would serve and benefit them. Here’s the email I sent wedding venues:


Hi [Name],

I’m Alina Thomas, a local wedding photographer here in Northern Virginia. I stumbled upon your gorgeous venue on Instagram a few days ago and wanted to reach out.

I loved (*insert something that stood out to you about the venue) so much and wanted to see if I could feature your beautiful venue on my blog in the near future? I have so many brides that would be interested in learning more about your venue.

I know that wedding season is in full swing, but if you have some dates available, I would love to tour [Venue Name] and gift you some updated images of your venue, staff, and/or family, if you would like. Let me know if there is anything I can do to serve you!

Alina Thomas


This simple email has helped me connect with many local wedding venues that now include me on their preferred vendor list, without me even asking them to. Win-win!


Featuring a wedding vendor on your blog is beneficial in SO many ways:


1. Helps start a relationship with the vendor.
2. Your blog becomes a resource to your potential clients and establishes you as an expert in the industry.
3. SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. — Brides searching for a venue online might land on your website, fall in love with your work, and decide to book your services.


Give it a try! I promise it will make a world of a difference in creating and fostering genuine vendor relationships! Want to chat in-between our weekly emails? Join our Facebook group and say hi!




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