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Unplugged Weddings

unplugged weddingsThere’s a trend that has been taking over the wedding industry and we’re thrilled about it: unplugged weddings. For those of you wondering what that entails, it’s when you very politely ask your guests to put away all cameras, cell phones, iPads, tablets, and any sort of electronics for the duration of your ceremony. It’s private, it’s intimate, and we can’t get enough!

You might be thinking, “Is this really necessary? The more pictures, the merrier.” That may be true, but you don’t want a guest unintentionally ruining any precious moments for you.

There’s nothing quite like looking out at all of your loved ones during your vows and seeing the smiling faces (or, more likely, crying faces!) of those most important to you. You will want to see this emotion, and even moreso you want it captured, but that can’t exactly happen if three iPads are blocking Grandma’s face.

Still not convinced? Here’s a harsh truth: The technology of camera phones has advanced, but the photography skills of most people haven’t. Not to mention, it’s hard to catch the first kiss on camera from six rows back. You’ve invested a lot of money in your photographer; let him or her do their job.They know how to get the best composition, lighting, and detail.

Your wedding photos are something you will cherish forever, and your wedding albums will be filled up with amazing professional images that you can pass down generations to come.

Candid moments happen once, and you don’t want them to be missed! Your wedding photographer will do their best to capture the day as efficiently and beautifully as possible. Unplugged weddings make their job much easier.

While trying to get their own shots, your guests can often unintentionally block views, and the flashes on their cameras can compromise the professional photographer’s images. Trust us when we say that you don’t want your first kiss missed because Uncle Tim was trying to get a (likely blurry) picture of you on his tablet!

How do you notify your guests of your unplugged request? There are a lot of  possible ways! The most common would be to include a sign at the entrance of your ceremony. There is some awesome inspiration on Pinterest, but feel free to get creative.

You can also include it on your wedding website, on your invitations, in your programs, or you can have your officiant make an announcement. The goal is to make sure your guests are present with you as you make the biggest commitment of your life. Once the ceremony is over, your guests can snap the night away!

We love the idea of your guests eyes on you, not their phones! What did you choose to do on your wedding day? Or, if you aren’t married yet, are you planning to have an unplugged ceremony?

unplugged weddings

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