3 Easy Tips for Posing the Bride on a Wedding Day

In this blog post you are going to learn 3 easy tips for posing the bride on a wedding day.


I don’t know about you, but for me, wedding days can be all sorts of crazy! From running behind schedule, to only having 5-10 minutes for couple portraits… you have to move FAST! And that means having a plan in the back of your mind so you don’t panic, but know exactly what to do. If you’re left with ONLY 5 minutes of portrait time, you have to make those 5 minutes count!


Am I right?!


And that includes taking photos of the bride and groom by themselves, in addition to taking couple pictures.


Whenever I’m in a pinch, here’s my default plan for posing the bride:

1. The Classic Portrait

This is not just a shot of the bride standing and looking at the camera. I also make sure that she looks her best! To ensure this, I always ask the bride to bend one knee and create a triangle with her arms. When the arms are touching the body, it creates the illusion that they are one. By having the bride open her arms while holding her bouquet or dress, this accentuates her waist and makes her look slimmer. Win-win all around!


how to pose the bride

2. The Back Shot

Just like the classic portrait, this is a must-have photo of the bride on her wedding day… especially if she has a long train. The mother of the bride will thank you later! While I take the straight on photo of the back of the dress, I also try to do a side angle as well, to add variety.


bridal posing tips

3. Detail Shots

And of course, we can’t forget about the detail shots. Whether the bride is facing the camera, or has her back towards the camera, always remember to zoom in and take some detail shots of the bouquet, dress, lace, etc. They work great in blog posts, and publications love them as well!


how to take photos of the bride by herself

Bonus Tip: The Bouquet Shot

Here’s another spin I like to take on the bouquet shot. Rather than having the bride hold it at her waist like I ask her to for the classic portrait, I also have her carry it on her arm for a few shots like you see in the images below.


posing tips to photograph the bride


And there you have it! My 3 easy tips for posing the bride on a wedding day!




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