3 Tips for Writing Blog Posts in 30 Minutes or Less

Let’s talk about blogging for photographers! As a photographer, blogging can be a more powerful marketing tool than you think. But how do you make time to blog? Often, when I talk about blogging, photographers tell me that they don’t have enough time to blog every session or wedding they photograph. But, let me ask you this: If you could invest 30 minutes of your time to write a blog post and book weddings at some of your favorite venues year after year, would it be worth it?


If you answered YES!, then here are 3 tips to instantly improve your blog posts.


1. The 3-3-3 Blogging Rule


Write three things that were unique to the day, three things that are unique about your couple, and 3 things that are unique to the venue or session location.


Day: It was a sunny day, and just before we headed outside for photos, the sun hid behind the clouds which gave us such beautiful soft lighting for pictures.

Couple: Matt is the only person that can make Liz laugh so much that tears start pouring out.

Location: One thing I love about [Venue] is that rain or shine, they have a backup plan to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


2.  Send a Getting to Know You Questionnaire After Booking and Use Their Answers


After a couple books their wedding date with me, one of the first things I do is send them my Getting to Know You Questionnaire. This is a very short questionnaire that focuses on how they met, how they got engaged, and their vision for their wedding day. I ask them to be as descriptive as they can because the information they provide is going to be used in their engagement and wedding blog posts. This is a super easy way to have your clients basically write your blog posts for you. You can choose to either rephrase their answers, or quote them. Either way, this is a great tip to use if you don’t like writing or don’t know what to write about in your blog posts.


3. Repurpose Instagram Captions


If you are enrolled in the Caption Collective Membership then you basically have access to unlimited mix and match content to form paragraphs for your blog posts. And here’s the thing, you only need to write 300 words in order to start ranking on Google. By the time you put together 3-4 captions, you’d have the majority of your content written for you. You might want to add a short introduction and conclusion, and you’re set.


blogging for photographers


Bonus Tip! Include a testimonial at the end of each blog post to not only help you reach the 300 word requirement faster, but it’s also a great way to provide social proof. Below is an example of how I do this in my blog posts.


photography blog posts


Blogging for photographers in 30 minutes or less really is possible if you follow the tips above.  Which tip are you going to implement when writing your next blog post?

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