How I Schedule 30 Days Worth of Photos for Social Media in 30 Minutes

Is scheduling your photos for social media a daunting task each month? Well, today’s blog post will help. But first, let me just start by sharing something I’m really excited about!


My clothes are experiencing a fresh folding method, my office is cleaner than it has ever been, and my new social media routine is sparking some serious joy! (Thanks, Marie Kondo!)


Do you know why?


It could be that the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is rubbing off on me. But it’s also because this year I chose to simplify my workflow, and therefore my life.

I chose to let go of the long hours behind my computer every day not knowing what I should be posting on social media, and plan my content strategically.


These days, I schedule all of my social media photos for the entire month in 30 minutes.


Crazy, I know! Would you like to know how I do it?


Maybe you’re like me and you take photos for a living. You’d think that we should have it all figured out, right? I find that for most of us, the hardest part of social media is choosing which photos to post!


So, I like to break everything down into categories when posting to social media. Once you have selected your top categories, it’s a lot easier to choose which pictures to use in your feed.


I came up with 10 categories that best represent myself and my business. This way, I only have to post three images per category each month.


Here are the categories I chose for my business:


1. weddings

2. engagements

3. bridal parties

4. florals

5. wedding details

6. personal


8. travel

9. presets

10. affiliates


After I pick my photos for the month, I upload them into Planoly. Then all I have to do is paste in my captions and voilà! How easy is that?!


Pro tip: Keep a folder on your computer with your favorite images throughout the year. That way you’ll always have photos to choose from.


Doesn’t this sound a lot more manageable than what you’re currently doing in your business? Let me know in the comments below.


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