How to Keep Your Photography Business Afloat in the Slow Season

Hey, friends! Are you wondering how to keep your photography business afloat during this season? I know it has been a tough couple of weeks. So I wanted to check in and see how YOU are doing. I completely understand the urge to pause and wait things out. People are scared, and for good reason.


*However, in this community we take a different path!


We remain committed to being our best and encourage progress over pause. What you do right now will set you up for the long road ahead after this is all over.

So, what can you do right now to make sure that you keep your photography business afloat?


1. Blog, blog, blog

Do you need to catch up on blogging? Use this downtime to your advantage. In addition to featuring weddings or sessions on your blog, you could compile a list of “favorites”: your favorite wedding venues to shoot at, your favorite color schemes, your favorite wedding bouquets, you favorite engagement session locations, etc.


2. Check-in on your clients.

Do not wait for them to reach out to you. A simple “I wanted to check in and see how you were doing in light of the recent updates” can go a long way. After things calm down, they’ll remember you and your kindness for sure. If you need some great email templates to help you navigate the conversations you’re having with your clients regarding the coronavirus, as a HoneyBook educator, I want to introduce you to a great resource that the team has put together for our community in hopes that it will make your lives easier during this time.


These email templates will help you know what to say when…

  • clients are looking for guidance regarding canceling or rescheduling
  • your client asks to reschedule or cancel
  • you want to limit in-person interactions
  • you want to cancel for your own safety (but a force majeure event has not happened)
  • you need to reschedule due to a force majeure event
  • you want to send existing clients revised contracts with new protection clauses added in


3. Refresh Your Website

I’ve been receiving an influx of inquiries over the past week and a half from couples who are looking to get married next year. A lot of people are stuck at home right now, so they are browsing the web to check out potential wedding vendors. If your home page is not up to date, then make sure to spend your at-home time wisely right now. Give it a facelift, replace your headshot, update your galleries, etc.


4. Start learning now

Remember those online courses you’ve purchased but never got around to watching? Now is the time to revisit them and put your learning cap on. Seriously, invest this time in yourself! Read books, reach out to mentors, work your way through an online course. Rather than binge watching Netflix, why not start building the business of your dreams?


If you’re looking for a mini course that you can work your way through in less than 30 minutes a day, I’m releasing my Bridal Party Posing Course to my ATP community for FREE.


Get Free Access to My Bridal Party Posing Course


Above are a few ideas to keep your business moving forward during this time. What would you add to this list? What are YOU doing to keep your photography business afloat during this time?


Like Brendon Burchard said, let’s use downtime to our advantage, knowing that THIS is the time to deepen relationships, build new skills, and inch forward when everyone else is trapped in fear.




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