My Favorite Makeup Products for Long Wedding Days: Alima Pure

My favorite makeup products for long wedding days arrived in the mail over the weekend. And since I received some fun mail, I wanted to share it with you.

My Alima Pure
 order arrived just in time for my trip and you bet I packed it in my makeup bag right away.


I’ve been using their powder foundation for two years now and absolutely love it! As a wedding photographer, I needed something that would last all day and wouldn’t smudge on my face while I’m taking pictures. When I was using liquid foundation before, I would always apply it unevenly on my face but wouldn’t notice it until I would get out of the house. Ha!


Can you relate?


You can tell I’m no makeup guru, right?!


So, if you’re looking for a long lasting foundation on wedding days (that also makes a great stocking stuffer), or just want to give natural ingredient makeup a try, check Alima Pure out. I kid you not, my foundation lasted me a full year. My blush and highlighter still look brand new even though I use them every day. You only need a little bit for amazing coverage!


alima pure code


Just for reference, I use the “Neutral 3” shade, but if you want to find the best match for your skin, they have a sample kit that includes 10 foundation samples. And just because you’re reading this blog post, I’m giving you 15% off your order.


alima pure sample


Alima Pure has my absolute favorite makeup products for long wedding days. What are some products that you love? Come hang out with me in my Facebook group and let other photographer friends know what some of your favorites are! Can’t wait to see you there!




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