Year in Review 2020

If you’re anything like me, you love to know what goes on behind the scenes, don’t you?! Of course you do! Everyone does.


With that in mind, when was the last time you shared a photo of you from a session or a wedding? People like to see the whole process that goes into creating an image. I once posted a BTS picture of me taking a ring shot and then also showcased the photo I was able to capture. Everyone went bananas!


So that gave me an idea!


What if I had my second shooter take some behind the scene shots of me at each wedding and then put together an end of year blog post?!


Ever since then, it’s become a tradition for me to give a behind-the-scenes peek into how my year went on the blog. And it’s usually all sorts of entertaining… I like to share the bloopers that happened along the way, including the not-so-glamorous images of myself on wedding days. And people love it! It makes me more relatable and personable as well.


So, if you’ve never done a year in review blog post, you can start right now! There’s still time to post yours before the year is over. If you don’t have any behind-the-scene photos of yourself yet, make it a priority to have some captured in the new year.


So here’s a little bit of how 2020 went for me!


My clients say I’m a ninja… and they might not be wrong after all. Can you see where I’m hiding in the picture below?


photographer taking pictures in the garden


I really do blend in a lot, but… after so much hiding I usually ask them to move out of the way so I can at least take a selfie in the mirror… you know, for social media. Ha! (just kidding)


wedding reception


No worries though, I’ll come out of my hiding spot to photograph the wedding details.


wedding photographer taking detailed shots

detailed shots at wedding


Speaking of details, one of my favorite projects this year was definitely my collaboration with Bella Bella Shoes.


Bella Belle Wedding shoes


Don’t worry, you can rely on me for more than just detail photos. I’ll show you exactly how to pose too… or teach you how to cat walk. Either way, your pictures will be spot on. Haha!


photography tips


Even your bridal party will love taking photos!


bridal party taking photos


And of course, we can’t end the 2020 blog post without a mask shot!


Virginia wedding photographer


I’m so excited for what 2021 has in store! Make sure to join my Facebook group for photographers and stay in touch!





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