Nikon Camera Settings You Didn’t Know About

One of the most underutilized Nikon camera settings is the ability to set your command dial to review images. This is huge!! This is a feature that a lot of Nikon shooters love about the Canon cameras, but didn’t know that they could set it up on their Nikon cameras as well. Using your command dial to review your images in camera can save you time and give you a quick way to browse through your images while on location.


To set this up on your camera, follow these steps:


1. Go to Menu → Custom Setting Menu → f Controls


nikon camera settings


2. Press f4 Customize Command Dials on the menu screen (on some cameras it might be f5).


underused nikon setting for wedding photography


3. Select Menus and Playback from this menu.


how to scroll through images fast on Nikon cameras


3. Press On on the next screen that appears.


Nikon camera settings


This also enables you to skip through the images on your camera in multiples of 10 with the command dial at the front of your camera (the command dial used to set your aperture). This is a great way to quickly find specific images or verify that you got the shot you wanted.


But there is another option in the menu system that allows you to change how many frames are skipped when you hold down the sub-command dial. Instead of 10 frames, it can be changed to 50 so that when you use the front command dial, you can advance through your photos 50 at a time.


Nikon camera hack


To do that, go back to Customize Command Dials → Sub-dial Frame Advance and select 50 frames instead of 10.


Nikon d850 camera setting


If you’re a wedding photographer, you’ll find it helpful to use this Nikon camera setting to review images in the camera. By doing so, you’ll be able to quickly access images you’ve shot hours prior— you’ll no longer have to fiddle with the menu or scroll through hundreds of images on your camera’s display to find the ones you want.


I hope this article about one of my absolute favorite Nikon camera settings was helpful to you! If you’re interested in learning more about using your Nikon camera settings to make your work easier as a photographer, make sure to check out our other photography blogs! I’d also love it if you would share with us any ideas for future blog posts. You can submit your questions and ideas by clicking the button below.

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