Northern Virginia Family Photos

family photos in northern virginia

Some Northern Virginia family photos are due for this little family of mine. Until then, I wanted to share these adorable pictures my friend Sherry Conrad took of my sweet family. Ever since Sherry took miss Emma’s newborn pictures, I was hooked.

I am the kind of person that generally prefers outdoor sessions, but now we do at least one studio session for our family every year. If I know that we will all be in Lynchburg for more than a day, I make sure to text Sherry and see if she happens to be available. Thankfully, everything worked out this time and she was able to squeeze us in last minute. Thank you, friend!

These little sessions are such a great reminder for me to step in front of the camera more often, instead of hiding behind it all the time. I love being able to look at the pictures of myself and the kids together! They are growing up so fast, and these photos are the only thing that can freeze time for a moment. We have printed a 20 x 30 canvas that is now overlooking our dining room table. I love looking at it every time we are sitting down to eat!

We hung it up one night after the kids went to bed. The next morning, when he came downstairs, my 3 year old son stopped, looked at it and said: Awww! That’s my favorite family!

My heart just melted!

If you don’t usually print your photos, please start now! There’s no greater legacy you can leave behind than these printed treasures! Our kids even love going through our wedding album and looking at the pictures of mommy and daddy. And their reactions at seeing us as bride and groom are just priceless!!

Full disclosure, miss Emma cried 95% of the session but Sherry still managed to get some amazing photos of her!

mom kissing baby girl for family photos

Look at those eyes!! I just can’t with this girl!!

sweet baby girl smiling for family photos

My favorite boys in the whole wide world!

dad and son photos


toddler boy posing for studio photosnewborn photos in northern virginia

Mondays be like…

crying baby dad and babies photohandsome young boy smiling at the cameramom and toddler boy snugglingsweet baby girlfamily photogirl smiling with parents in the background

Now that we are living in NoVa, I am looking forward to having our Northern Virginia family photos taken soon as well!



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