3 Tips to EASILY Create Social Media Content

Here are 3 tips to EASILY create social media content for your photography business! One of the hardest things about posting on social media is being consistent! Would you agree?! 


So how can you, as a busy photographer who is juggling business, family life, and maybe even a J.O.B on the side, stay on top of the crazy whirlwind that is social media?!


If you spend too much time staring at your screen not knowing what to write because you feel stuck — then I have 3 quick tips for you!


1. Send a Getting to Know You Questionnaire


Send your couple a Getting to Know You Questionnaire right after they book their wedding date with you. The purpose of this questionnaire is to pull out information that you can use in social media captions, their engagement blog post, as well as help you get familiar with their story so that you can easily make conversation during the engagement session. 


Need a client questionnaire? Check out this one!


2. Repurpose Testimonials


There’re so many ways that you can repurpose your testimonials. You can use them in:


  • Blog posts when you need help reaching the recommended 300 words per blog.
  • Instagram stories (use this FREE template)
  • Instagram captions — here’s a free social media caption you can copy/paste today:


On cloud nine ☁️ to be trusted by [bride] and [groom] with their special day! Here’s what they had to say:

[Insert testimonial]

Thank you so much [bride] and [groom] for letting me capture your wedding. It was truly one to remember and a joy from beginning to end! 


Want more captions? Get 25+ FREE captions when you start a Caption Collective trial! There’s no commitment — don’t love Caption Collective within the first 14 days… you can cancel anytime!


3. The 3/10 Method


Choose 10 categories that are relevant to your business that you’d like to share more about online. As a wedding photographer, you could share about:


  1. weddings
  2. engagements
  3. bridal parties
  4. florals
  5. rings
  6. bridal shoes
  7. wedding venues
  8. wedding details or flat lays
  9. personal insights
  10. favorite products (photography related or personal)


Once you decide on your top 10 categories, simply choose 3 pictures for each category, and just like that you only have to post 3 images per category in one month. Isn’t that a lot easier than not knowing what to post each day?


If you’re the kind of person that can stare at your screen for half an hour without even writing a word or knowing what to post online, I hope that these tips will come in handy as you’re planning your next month of social media content. Believe me, your hard work will pay off!! Posting consistently will help you book more dream clients!


And if this blog post resonated with you, I have a special offer to help you get out of the pressure of creating content. >> Try Caption Collective for FREE for 14 days! 


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