5 Social Media Content Ideas for Wedding Photographers

Here are 5 types of social media posts for wedding photographers! If you are a photographer, you’re going to love these content ideas!

The truth is, I used to be quite disorganized when it came to posting on social media.

Not anymore!


While I would mainly post photos from sessions when I first started my business, I missed out on a lot of opportunities to connect with my audience.


Today, I follow an embarrassingly simple process to come up with social media content. This process allows me to be more relatable to potential couples, and has actually helped increase my bookings over the years.


And the best part?!


This simple process can be repeated hundreds of times… no kidding!


A good routine that photographers should have is a solid system to follow when it comes to posting on social media consistently.


Over time, having a streamlined process to come up with content ideas for social media will benefit you tremendously. Here are the 5 types of social media posts you need to use as a photographer.


1. Behind-the-Scene Posts


Your audience wants to know and hear from YOU, the face behind the business! Here are some ideas you could share:

  • Share what you’re working on
  • Behind-the-scene photos of you shooting a wedding or a session
  • Make a post when you mail out client gifts
  • Make a post welcoming new clients who have recently booked


2. Personal Posts


People do business with people so it’s important that they see your face as much as they see your beautiful work. #FridayIntroduction posts are a great way to (re)introduce yourself to your audience and create a personal connection. Don’t believe me? Here’s what one of my brides wrote in one of my questionnaires: I chose you and your team because I really like your vibe and that most of your posts are family oriented :) Family is very important to Eddie and I.


3. FAQs 


Do you get the same question over and over again from your clients? Firstly, it’s time to write a blog post so that you can just refer them to your blog instead of repeating yourself day in and day out. And secondly, you can repurpose that blog and create micro social posts. Work smarter, not harder!


4. Testimonial Posts


What better way to establish that like, know and trust factor than to share reviews from past clients?! Over the years, I’ve found that not all couples take the time to leave a review on all the various sites my business is listed on, but they will send me an email letting me know how much they love their photos. Share that as much as you can!!


5. Highlight Industry Vendors 


I’ve talked before about how I like to feature vendors on my blog and why that is so important. I also like to take it one step further and give them a shoutout on social media as well. Why? Because they will most likely engage with that post and share it. This also helps them remember my name and potentially refer me to their clients in the future. Always stay top of mind and form vendor relationships in the industry!


Bonus tip: Announcement Posts


Always offer a sneak peek of something coming soon. People need to see something multiple times before they actually take notice. Do you have a blog post coming soon? Don’t just post about it the day it goes live. Talk about it before it happens to create anticipation. Are you shooting a wedding next weekend? Share a photo from your couple’s engagement session and talk about how you can’t wait for their big day next week.


And there you have it! I hope you found these 5 types of social media posts for wedding photographers helpful and that you are starting to come up with new content ideas for your own business.


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