Top 3 Tips for Writing Successful Photography Blog Posts

Let’s chat about how to write successful photography blog posts! I know that as a photographer, writing is probably not your strongest suit. It’s not mine either! I’d much rather plan sessions and take pictures than write blog posts. But, I wholeheartedly believe that blogging consistently is what catapulted my business and allowed me to go full time in less than a year.


When it comes to writing blog posts, it’s not enough to just share pretty pictures. Here’s why! Google can’t read pictures, it reads words. Which is why it is SO important that you spend the extra time writing short paragraphs that draw the reader in. If you already have my Wedding Photography Caption Toolkit, you know that you can use my captions to write blog posts in MINUTES! You don’t need to spend a lot of time writing blog posts. I give you pre-written paragraphs that you can use to make your job easier.


Now that we’ve figured out the actual writing part, let’s chat about some super important blogging tips!


1. Only share images that will make your potential clients excited to hire you.


You don’t need to share every single moment of the wedding day. I had a bride one time who was set on taking pictures midday in one particular spot on the property that she loved. While beautiful, the harsh light coming through my lens really didn’t do the place justice. In that moment, I knew that I couldn’t use those images on my blog. So instead, I told her that yes, we can definitely take pictures there, but that we should also use the shaded area nearby where the lighting is better. She loved that idea! If there’s only one thing that you take away from today’s blog post, let it be to CURATE everything when blogging. Write your blog posts for your ideal clients and only showcase images that you want to shoot in the future!


2. Get your blogs published in a timely manner.


This is extremely important! Make sure to blog your weddings or sessions within a few days of shooting them. Why? Because your clients are filled with anticipation and are looking forward to seeing their pictures. Their family and friends are also excited to see the “official” pictures from the event, which will bring a LOT of traffic to your website. Believe me, it works!


3. Repurpose blog posts into social media posts.


Since your followers differ from platform to platform, make sure to post across all social media platforms. Repurposing blog posts into captions is social media content that is EASY to create. Don’t forget to tag all vendors so they can re-share your post, which puts your name in front of their audience and followers (again, free marketing). Speaking of organic marketing, here’s a bonus tip: Don’t forget to add a location in your post! This is a great way to easily reach more people in your area.


Are you ready to write successful photography blog posts? If you’re new to blogging, or haven’t been blogging consistently, I encourage you to look back through your work and feature your favorite sessions or weddings. This will keep your potential clients engaged while on your site, which means a higher chance of connecting with you and asking to book.


Did you miss last week’s blog post? Click here to learn about How to Attract New Clients with Blogging.


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