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I am happy to share one more snow session with you all that took place at the Trivium Estate in Forest, VA. I know, I know… we’ve had a week full of photoshoots in the snow, and we are all probably ready for summer instead of this cold weather, but I had to take advantage of the awesome atmosphere while I could. I couldn’t help but photograph some sweet couples when we got all that pretty snow around Lynchburg. Meagan was one of the first ones to show interest in a snow session and she was so great to work with. She decided to wear this pretty satin dress because, in her own words, she knew that she was going to get cold anyway, so why not look her best? I have to tell you, I’ve never seen a girl as determined as Meagan before. But she had a point, right? I promise I did not keep her out very long, the whole session was probably like 15 minutes.

Heidi, our friend from the Trivium, was sweet enough to let us use her wedding venue to snap a few shots of not one, but two incredible couples. If you want to see Ashley and Mike’s snow session at the Trivium Estate, make sure to click the link. We’ve also done a couple of snow sessions at Sierra Vista in Bedford, VA this week. Click here to see the first snow session at Sierra Vista, or here to see the beautiful Pnina Tornai wedding dress showcased by the beautiful bride Chelsey.

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the trivium estate

the trivium in forest va

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