Year In Review | 2015

virginia-lynchburg-wedding-photographer_0015I can hardly believe that Christmas is already over and that 2016 is just around the corner! We’ve had an aaamazing 2015 wedding season, all thanks to our wonderful couples! Each and every one of them are dear to our hearts and being able to serve them is truly a joy.

To close out this wedding season, Timothy and I wanted to give  you a sneak-peek into what is going on behind the scenes at Alina Thomas Photography during a typical wedding day. Without further ado, here are some of our 2015 behind the scenes photos!

But first, I want to introduce you to my handsome second shooter…

wedding photographer

…who on occasion will also make sure no bugs are climbing up my bride’s dress.

bride trump winery

Sometimes I believe that keeping both feet on the ground while shooting is boring, so I try to make it more interesting… everyone, shooting one legged is the new way to go :)

sierra vista snow

So much so, that even Timothy is trying out my new method.

west manor estate

I’ll sometimes pretend to be a guest with a fancy camera…

sierra vista bedford va

…while Timothy will pretend to be a real model.


And he’s always so excited to be my subject for test shots :)


He’s a great help though when I need him to hang a wedding dress up high.

wedding dress

Other times he’ll just hide behind bushes.

west manor va

I, too, seem to enjoy hiding in the bushes… I think it runs in the family.

(I know my flash is pointing up, but I was not using it here. We went outside for a quick sunset session during the reception and didn’t take it off, just in case some of my photographer friends were wondering what was going on.)

west manor estate va

My clients think I’m pretty funny…

glencliff manor

No, really, they do!


Besides being an amazing second shooter, Timothy also helps set up the tables for the reception. This comes free with every wedding collection, brides. Haha!


Have you ever wondered how we take the pretty veil shots? No, it’s not always windy on a wedding day :D

trump winery wedding

There are times when our grooms want to “practice” their first look and Timothy is always happy to help.

sierra vista va

When I try to help, they are not as thrilled…


He’ll never say ‘no’ to photo requests…

trump winery

…even when he is asked to be in one. He’ll also steal the groom’s glasses in the process. Ha!


We seriously love our brides and grooms and are so thankful for each and every one of them! We cannot wait to see what the 2016 wedding season has in store for us!

Happy New Years, friends!


  1. Cassidy says:

    I love this outlook!! It is very interesting to see you both in action. Great teamwork!! I love when my seconds grab behind the scene shots!

  2. Maria says:

    Oh my goodness! So many wonderful images from 2015!! Beautiful wedding photography!

  3. Love the behind the scenes peek! The veil trick – love it! :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Love this post and the images contained within it! They are so beautiful and airy. I love the feel of them!

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