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11 Blog Post Ideas For Your Slow Season

blog post ideas for photographersAre you looking for blog post ideas for your slow season? This post might be for you! ;)

If you are a wedding photographer, your wedding season has most likely ended or is coming to an end very soon. For most of us on the east coast, the winter and spring months are less busy than summer and fall. The temperatures are too low for couples to have that beautiful outside wedding every southern girl dreams about.

So, if you have already blogged all of your client work, what do you blog about during the slow months?! Or, do you even blog at all?!

I’m glad you asked!

The answer is YES! You do not want to go off the radar for the next 3-4 months. Most importantly, the winter-spring months are the months that most engagements take place — hello Christmas and Valentine’s Day! For me personally, this is also the season that I book most of my work for the new year.

So, what do you write about?!

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and draw a blank when it comes to creating new ideas for your blog. So, to help out, I compiled a list of blog post ideas that are great for the slow season. Enjoy!

1. Your Top #x Gift Ideas For Photographers

I wrote a widely successful blog post last year about my top 5 Christmas gift ideas for photographers. I included things that I already owned and things that I had on my wish list. It was very appropriate for the month of December, and my audience loved it!

2. Christmas House Tour

If you love decorating and go big with the Christmas decorations at your house, why not take some photos of your home during the Christmas season and share them on your blog?! People love taking a peek inside other people’s homes.

3. Christmas Day At The [Your Name] House

I love seeing how other people celebrate Christmas, learning about their traditions, and getting new ideas for my own family. Last year we celebrated Christmas as a family of four for the first time so this blog post was very dear to me.

4. Your Favorite [Cookie] Recipe

I love it when I come across some awesome recipes that are easy to make! I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the greatest cook, but I try. So, if you have a great cookie recipe, why not share it with everybody?! I’m sure a lot of mommas out there will thank you later. A while back I shared this fun Easter recipe that people absolutely loved.

5. Your Top Wedding Images Of The Year

This is a great idea, as your clients might actually share your post on their social media accounts, which puts you up and front of all their newly engaged friends. Win-Win!

6. Your Top #x Venues To Get Married At

This is a great way to feature the venues you worked with this year, as well as the venues you are dying to photograph at in the new year. If you are strategic about tagging and geo tagging these venues on social media, you may even get in front of their audience if they share your post. It’s definitely something to consider!

7. Year In Review

I look forward to publishing this post every year! It’s my absolute favorite post to share with my audience. I usually ask my second shooters to take some behind-the-scene shots of me on wedding days. I always get a kick out of these images when I cull through a wedding. Each year I have a separate folder in my Lightroom catalog that is called “BTS [YEAR]”. So it’s basically BTS (behind-the-scenes) and the year those photos were taken. This is usually the very last blog post I publish before the new year kicks in. And it’s always so much fun! If you want to take a look at my own Year In Review posts, you can visit the links below.

Year In Review 2015

Year In Review 2016

8. 3 Lessons You Learned In 2017

You can talk about the most important business lessons you learned this year or simply things you learned along the way while shooting weddings this season. For example, if you learned how to deal with rain on wedding days, share your tips in a blog post.

9. How To Set Up Your Business For Success In The New Year

Did you discover and implement new strategies to help run your business this year? Did these strategies help your business grow and be successful? Maybe you decided to outsource or automate. For me, I decided to wake up at 6 a.m. every morning so I could work in quiet for two hours before my little ones woke up.

10. Your Business Goals For The New Year

What do you wish to accomplish in the new year? This post can be a push forward for you as you will have people to keep you accountable. It’s also fun to look back over this post at the end of the year. You can read mine from last year here.

11. Your Top #x Business Books

If you have some amazing books you read throughout the year, compile a list in an upcoming blog post. Write a little review or blurb about each one, and let your audience know what you’ve been inspired by lately. I love reading book recommendation posts from other peers in the industry. I am still working on compiling my list, but once I have it, I will be sure to share it.

And there you have it! These are some blog post ideas to work on during the slow season. If you use one of these ideas, make sure to send me an email. I would love to see what you did with it! :)

P.S. I created a FREE checklist to help you brainstorm and implement these 11 blog post ideas! Click the button below to get your freebie!

blog post ideas for photographers in the off-season

blog post ideas for photographers

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