How to Take Behind-the-Scene Videos at Your Sessions

Do you want to take behind-the-scene videos at your sessions (or weddings)? I have the perfect tool for you!


The first time I posted about this on my Instagram, the views went through the roof. Yes, this little trick got over 260K views and hundreds of new followers within the first 48 hours of posting it.


Why am I telling you this?


Because we all know that the Instagram algorithm is not always our friend, and that our work seems to get buried deeper and deeper each time we post. The secret to getting your posts seen by as many eyes as possible is to jump on any new feature that Instagram rolls out. For a while now, the hottest trend has been the Instagram reels. 


Now, you might be thinking, Alina, I know… but I don’t know what to post on reels. And they seem so hard to make. 


Yes, indeed. They can take a while to make and post, but I’ll tell you right now, the reels that perform the best are the behind-the-scene ones… the ones that take people on a journey with you. I’ve seen photographers get hundreds of thousands of views by posting a 10 second behind-the-scene video of them sharing one quick posing prompt. It’s insane!


So, how can YOU grow your instagram account with reels the easy way?


Well, I have a secret hack that I want to share with you. This phone holder has a hot shoe that attaches to your camera, which makes it really easy to record all your behind-the-scene videos. Simply attach it to your camera, hit the record button, and forget about it. It’s as easy as that!


Click here to order yours now.


behind-the-scene video photography


Now, you might be thinking: can you record vertically as well as horizontally? And the answer is yes. If you start recording while your phone is in portrait mode, then it will stay that way until you stop recording and vice versa.


Another question I’ve gotten is, how do you use this if you have an on camera flash? That’s a really great question! I mainly use it to record BTS footage during portraits when I’m shooting in natural light. However, you could attach it to a tripod if you need to use your on camera flash.


I hope this answers it for you. If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments below.




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