Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party: Kenneth Turns 3

photo of child and chuck e cheese in roanokeKenneth’s Chuck E. Cheese birthday party was so much fun! We usually pick a birthday theme each year and have the whole family over to celebrate. With us moving to Northern Virginia at the beginning of March though, we didn’t have a lot of time to plan a party in Lynchburg this year. Since Kenneth has been asking us to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s a lot recently, we thought that a birthday party at the best place on earth would be a great idea. And it sure was! Kenneth had SO much fun!! 

We arrived there at noon and were shown our birthday table that was beautifully decorated and had Kenneth’s name on it. They had a Chuck E. Cheese t-shirt, medal and special cup waiting for Kenneth. He immediately put on his new shirt and was ready to play all the games. He rode one of the little cars there over and over again. He probably spent most of his coins there :)

One of the highlights of his day was the ticket blaster he got to do with daddy. That was so much fun for him. He spent all the tickets he got on some souvenirs from the shop on the way out. John, our birthday host, sure had the most energetic little man to work with that day. He did excellent with Kenneth.

If you’ve seen my posts about K’s birthday parties before, you know that we go all out on the cake. This year was no different. I messaged Angela of Angela Hudson Cakes and she was kind enough to squeeze our order in last minute. Thank you, Angela! Kenneth had the best cake in the room that day. The staff at Chuck E. Cheese’s were in awe!

The best part for us as parents was watching him open his gifts all by himself for the very first time. In the years past, we had to help him, and he was usually more interested in the wrapping paper than anything. This year, he did it all by himself and his reaction was just priceless.

Here are some pictures from his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese’s in Roanoke!

children screaming for tickets at chuck e cheese's

little boy dancing on chuck e cheese songchuck e cheese talking and dancing with kidsbirthday party in roanokechuck e cheese birthday cake by angela hudsonchuck e cheese dancing with children at their birthdaybirthday party at chuck e cheeseticket blaster for birthday party at chuck e cheese'schuck e cheese birthday party





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