How to Add Copyright Information to the Metadata of Your Photos

Did you know that you can add copyright information to the metadata of your photos? This question popped up in our Facebook group last week (if you’re not a member, you should totally join us, it’s free!), so I wanted to answer it on the blog because not a lot of people know about it.


First off, here’s a little disclaimer. I’m not a copyright lawyer, I’m simply sharing my own thoughts on this topic, so use these suggestions as you see fit.


Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you about how I add copyright information to the metadata of my photos. This great camera feature allows you to automatically add copyright information to your photos as they are taken. So let’s talk about how to embed your copyright information into the metadata of your images right from your camera.


The first thing you need to do is press the menu button on your camera and go to the Setup Menu. I’m a Nikon shooter, but if you’re a Canon or Sony shooter, you’ll want to find the Setup Menu on your camera as well.


From here, choose “Copyright information” and make sure that the “Attach copyright information” box is checked. Next, under “Artist” I choose to put my full name. You can also enter your business name if you’d like. If you use Canon or Sony, your camera might say “Author” or “Photographer” instead of “Artist”. Under Copyright”, I typed in my website so that people can easily find me.


How to add copyright information to the metadata of your photos


This simple step done in camera attaches the copyright information to every single image that you take. Why is this important? Well, Google pulls this information for image credit purposes and displays it under Google Photos.


How to add copyright information to the metadata of your photos


And that’s how you add copyright information in camera. Do you have any questions about this? Make sure to leave them in the comment section below.




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