Glencliff Manor, Rustburg: Wedding Venues in Virginia

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to tour one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Virginia. Glencliff Manor is undoubtedly one of the top venues for outside weddings and ceremonies. Their grounds are absolutely breathtaking and the photography opportunities are endless. If you want to find out more about this gorgeous wedding venue, don’t miss out on this interview we did with Glencliff Manor!


Tell us more about Glencliff Manor and the history behind the location.

Glencliff Manor was built in 1929 and was the home of my great grandparents. After much research we were shocked to discover our family had been on this property since 1757. It was briefly out of the family when it went for auction in 2000 but as luck would have it the gentleman who purchased the property was unable to keep it because his wife was transferred the next day. We were able to get it back in the family within the week. Some things are just meant to be! We spent a year bull dozing, redoing the grounds and creating all of the picturesque back drops for our events. For anyone who has been here and wondered, yes, all of the hand pegged floors are original. We have done very little to the interior of the house so we could keep the original charm. Our family lives at Glencliff which may be the reason our guests are constantly remarking on how comfortable they feel here. Pull up a rocker by the firepit or sip iced tea on the front porch and see if you agree!


What makes your venue unique and special?

The grounds, the lighting and the people! Our grounds are meticulously cared for with gardens everywhere you look. They are planted with each season’s beauty in mind so there is very little need for decorating. Our outdoor lighting is like a fairytale with twinkling white lights. Our people eat, breathe and live weddings and have for many, many years. Our main goal is to make sure that your day is perfect from beginning to end, no stress, no drama, just show up and have a wonderful time!


How many guests does your venue hold?



 What services does your venue provide?

We offer all inclusive for those brides who don’t want to deal with the stress or don’t have time to locate or meet with tons of vendors. We can provide photography, video, DJ, catering, flowers, cake, musicians, limos, etc. We’ll even get you a hot air balloon if that’s your wish! Of course if you want to provide your own vendors that’s ok too.


What is the biggest question brides ask about venues?

“Are there any hidden fees?” I was really taken aback the first time I was asked this. I couldn’t understand how anyone could or would have hidden fees. But over the years that question has come up in almost every meeting with a new couple so it must be a problem out there. The answer is no, we absolutely do not. I can only imagine that causes unhappy couples and that’s the last thing we want! Make sure you ask that question though where ever you go.


What trends do you see about 2014 weddings?

From the meetings we are having with our couples for next years weddings we are seeing a continuation of the rustic feel but moving from the hay bales and mason jars to farm tables and vintage pieces. More of a French country and Tuscany feel. Steam punk is also on the rise. We are moving back to more pastels with shades of mint, turquoise, coral, soft yellows and blush.


Any insider tips on choosing a venue?

Arm yourself with lots of questions! Make a list of questions before you visit. (How many bathrooms do you have? What is your rain plan? How long have you been doing this? What color linens are provided?) Take lots of pictures. It is difficult to keep all the venues you visit straight without pictures.


Tell us about some of the most unique events you’ve hosted.

Every event is unique. We like to make sure the personality of each couple comes through. We don’t like to do “cookie cutter” events. Our Kenyan weddings do stand out though. The traditions, the food and the people were so memorable. In the Kenyan weddings the brides feet cannot touch the ground before the ceremony so her bridesmaids and friends walk with her everywhere she goes putting blankets on the ground in front of her. Also the bride has to be chanted into the venue so all of the women line up along the road and driveway to sing and chant her arrival. So much fun!


Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

If our couples love a trend then we will love it too! Of course as a designer there are always things that we might like to see change, but I’ll never tell which ones!


If you could offer a bride looking for a venue one piece of advice, what would it be?

I’ve been doing this for a very long time, 37 years, and my advice is always the same. Go with your heart. If you feel comfortable, if you think your guests will be comfortable, if you think you can relax and enjoy the whole process, then it’s the place. Also, make sure that the person you are dealing with at the venue is as excited about your big day as you are!


Glencliff Manor

If you are a bride looking for a wedding venue in Virginia, Glencliff Manor might be the right choice for you!



  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful venue and great information!

  2. melissa says:

    such an incredible venue!

  3. Sounds like a great venue!

  4. Lorna Tyson says:

    Oh my goodness such a beautiful venue! I am so glad you were able to get it back in the family where it belongs and I am sure it will be sought after!

  5. Alex says:

    Wow, that looks gorgeous! Beautiful place for a wedding!

  6. Heather Mitchell says:

    We had our wedding at the Glencliff this past January and as a bride i couldn’t have ask for a better venue! Teresa and her staff does a remarkable job. The decor she created for us was outstanding!!!

  7. lori says:

    I LOVE this location!! Perfect for a Virginia wedding.


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