Great Gifts for Photographers

Here are some great gifts for photographers that you can gift this year! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! Yet, with it comes the familiar hustle of finding the perfect present for your loved ones. If you find yourself peering under the Christmas tree and scratching your head over what to get the photography lover in your life, here are some ideas!


1. Travel Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment

This travel duffle bag might just be the best invention ever! Shoes take up so much space in a carry-on and this design is absolutely genius. If you ever have to travel for weddings, this bag makes for the perfect overnight bag.
travel duffle bag with shoe compartment

2. Lens Case

How many times does one of your lenses end up on the ground during a session? Guilty! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m raising my hand because I often need to switch between 2 different lenses during family formals and bridal party photos on a wedding day and have nowhere to rest one of the lenses because my camera bag is somewhere far away. This lens case totally solves that problem! It even has a shoulder strap so you can easily carry it around (especially during sunset photos). It also has a little pocket inside the lid for lens caps and memory cards so you don’t have to carry around your entire camera bag.
lens case for photographers

3. 360° Phone Stand

With social media being such a huge part of every business these days, this 360° phone stand would make an amazing gift for any photographer! I personally like to use this stand for filming Instagram reels and video tutorials with my phone. The different angle options are amazing, whether you plan to film from above (flat lay style) or in selfie mode.
phone stand


4. Protective Camera Cover

Ever wished you could take your camera on the go without having to carry your bulky camera bag around? Now you can with this protective camera cover. It’s perfect for when you’re traveling or going to kids’ soccer games. Simply wrap your camera in the cover and put it in your regular bag. It’s portable and super practical!
 Protective Camera Cover

5. Styling Items

You can never have enough styling items in your styling kit, am I right?! Here are some of my favorite items for stying flat lays on a wedding day!


photography styling items


6. Tracking Phone Holder

If you’re wanting to record more behind-the-scene videos of your sessions but are always stepping out of the frame, then this phone holder is for you. It rotates 360° and tracks your movements to ensure you’re always in the shot. It’s like having your own personal assistant following you around during a session.


tracking phone holder

7. Mini Label Maker

This mini label maker is great for labeling your photography gear in case you forget it or lose it somewhere. You can design a label with your name and website straight from your phone in seconds. Such a great gadget all photographers should have!


mini label maker


8. Small Portable Charger

This portable charger is the size of a lipstick, so small it can fit anywhere. It’s great to have if you need to charge your phone on the go. I never go to weddings without mine. It lives in my camera bag.
small portable charger


9. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Are you even a photographer if you don’t own one of these lens coffee mugs? I’m joking, but the details on this mug are insanely realistic. It makes for the perfect Christmas gift!
camera lens mug


10. Mini Video Light

This mini video light is really useful to have during the sparkler exit or when shooting night time portraits in general. You can use the video light to help you focus on your subject whenever your camera can’t find focus in the dark. I’ve also found it to be useful at receptions when the lights are dim and you need more light in order to be able to focus on the people dancing on the dance floor.


mini video light for photographers
And there you have it, friend: my curated list of top 10 Christmas presents will serve as your personal Santa’s helper in navigating the challenge of finding great gifts for photographers this season.


Disclaimer: For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links. When you use these links we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps us to be able to continue sharing free photography tips and resources like this with you.




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