My BEST business investment… and it only cost me $1

Have you heard about Honeybook? I used to track my entire workflow for weddings on a piece of paper. No wonder I was always behind in sending emails, questionnaires, or asking for payments. Yikes… talk about awkward!

These days, I don’t have to worry about missed payments anymore. Ever since I started using Honeybook, my clients get automatic reminders that don’t look like I’m begging for money. I can even automate my entire wedding workflow in Honeybook so that I never miss a thing. I stay in touch with my clients throughout the entire wedding process, and they feel like they are getting my undivided attention.

And the best part? I get to do it all for just $1 a month.

What can you buy for $1 these days?

  • 1/3 of a cup of coffee
  • 4 gum balls
  • half of a pack of post-it notes

Yeah, last time I checked, a buck could only stretch but so far. But what if you took that dollar and put it towards something that will actually make a difference in your business?

I teamed up with Honeybook to give you the ultimate discount!! For a limited time, you can get 8 months of Honeybook for just $1/mo (yep, seriously!).

We’re giving you the ultimate discount, PLUS my very own step-by-step workflows that you can plug and play right NOW. They are yours for free!

Other educators charge for you to take a peek inside their workflows. Not this girl! You might think I’m crazy, but I believe so much in the power of this platform, that I want to give you everything you need to get your hands on it while you still can.

Start a free 7-day trial (no credit card required) and then enjoy full access to all of Honeybook’s tools for $1 per month for your first 8 months (usually $40 per month).

Also, here are my two wedding workflows to help you get started:

  1. My Step-by-Step Pre-Wedding Workflow
  2. My Step-by-Step Workflow After Each Wedding


Honeybook $1


honeybook $1





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