How to Get the SWIPE UP Feature WITHOUT 10K Instagram Followers

Here’s how to get the swipe up feature WITHOUT 10K Instagram followers! A while ago I stumbled about something really cool that I haven’t shared with many people. But today, I want to let you in on this little-known Instagram hack!


Here is the inside scoop that not many people know about:

You can get the SWIPE UP feature on Instagram even if you don’t have 10K followers!! Here’s how it works!


1. Create an image in Canva and make sure to type a “Click Here” message in the top left corner.


How to Get the SWIPE UP Feature

2. Add the picture you just created into your video editor (I use iMovie) and create a 60 second clip.


3. Export your video and upload it to your IGTV. You want your title to say something like “Tap here to open!”. Next, paste the link you want your followers to be directed to right into the “description” box. Lastly, all you have to do is post your new video to IGTV.


4. Go to your Instagram stories, post your story, and click on the little link icon at the top. In the new window, simply select the video you created and click “Done”.


instagram swipe up feature

5. Make sure to add a gif to your story that tells your audience to swipe up. When they swipe up, they’ll be able to tap on the link you added in the description of your IGTV video and visit the link you want them to.


I use this tip in a few different ways:

1. To direct people to my most recent blog post.
2. To send people to my preset page.

This way, I can use the same IGTV clip, without having to create new ones every single time. Easy, right?! Did you enjoy this tip? Make sure to head over to our private photography group and let me know how you plan to use this strategy.




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