One Unexpected Way to Use Client Testimonials

Here’s one unexpected way to use client testimonials! One of the biggest issues photographers have is that they don’t know how to ask their clients for testimonials. Often times, clients say they’ll write a testimonial, but life gets in the way and they forget to actually do it.


And then you’re stuck. Do you email them again? You don’t want to seem pushy.


Here’s a quick tip to fix this issue that will also help you with blogging. Does that sound confusing? Here’s what I mean!


After the wedding is over, send your clients a quick email thanking them for being so amazing to work with and letting them know that you are putting together the finishing details on their wedding day blog post (this will get them excited). The only thing you’re still missing is a client testimonial to go with it. Let them know when the post will go live, and ask if they can send it to you by that date. This doesn’t leave things up in the air, and gives them a deadline instead.


Now, once they send in the testimonial, you can add it at the bottom of the blog post so that when new potential brides browse your website, the can read real testimonials from your clients without having to go search for them on the web. Not to mention that by doing this, it will also help you with your word count in your blog post. If you’re struggling to come up with the minimum requirement of 300 words per blog post, using a testimonial helps solve that problem as well.


If your clients still haven’t sent you a testimonial but the time your blog post is supposed to go live, you can then email them with the link to the post letting them know that it’s live, and ask again if you could include a testimonial at the end. You now have a reason to email them without sounding pushy at all. And there you have it: one unexpected way to use client testimonials!


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