(My Love Story + a Surprise) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Talking about my love story was not a topic I thought I’d share about on the blog. But here we are… Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Whether you’re swinging single, in a relationship, engaged or married, may you have a day filled with love and joy!


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share with you my love story.


Tim and I met while he was on a mission trip visiting my home country of Romania. Between Tim’s trips to see me and my own visit to the States, we fell in love even though we were separated by an ocean and thousands of miles. I eventually found myself flying across the Atlantic to move to Virginia.


Though I was so happy to finally be living with my husband in the same country, part of me was frustrated that I had to start working an entry level job in the U.S. I would be lying if I told you that my pride didn’t hurt a bit. But day in and day out, I woke up at 6 a.m.—and I’m not a morning person!—and went in to the office.


Finally, one day I looked to my left… then to my right… and I realized I didn’t belong there.


When we discovered that I was pregnant with our first child, that gave me the extra push I needed to turn in my notice. So… I quit my job.


I spent the next few months nesting and found that I had a lot of time on my hands as we waited for our little boy to make his entrance into the world!


During that time I learned everything I could about photography and thought I would try to start a business.


I never dreamed how many doors it would open for our family one day!


But it wasn’t an easy road.


I found myself trying to juggle a bit more than I could handle. I was still adjusting to a new culture and living in a new country, I had just become a mom and had to care for this tiny human being, AND I was starting a business from scratch. I envied people who had their immediate family close by to help them because I felt like I was constantly in “survival mode” just trying to get through the day.


There were times I wanted to give up. But there was a passion for photography and for connecting with my clients that continued to drive me even through those toughest seasons.


I committed myself to learning all that I could about what it meant to run a successful wedding photography business. I invested in education and attended workshops that helped me improve my craft, while also learning how a business works and how to connect with potential clients.


Because of the time, effort, and investment I made in my education, I soon found myself able to charge premium prices, which helped me match and then triple my income within two years from the day I quit my office job.


Imagine what YOU could do if you invest in your education and start valuing yourself and your work!


Being able to charge higher prices will provide you with so many opportunities that seem out of reach for so many people: you could become debt-free, save for your children’s college tuition, take your family on a vacation to see another part of the world, support your family in times of financial stress… the possibilities are truly endless here!


I believe in you and your dreams, and you should too! Take this step with me and see the possibilities that are waiting for you…


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Let’s give 2020 a fresh new start! You’ve got this! Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Also, I’d love if you shared your love story with me as well! Feel free to post it in the comments. :)



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