12 Ways to Photograph the Wedding Shoes by ONLY Touching Them Once

Let’s talk about how to photograph the wedding shoes. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I just got back from a little family beach trip. I was eager to get back into the office, however, because I had the most gorgeous pairs of shoes waiting for me at home. I partnered with the incredible Bella Belle Shoes to create a training for wedding photographers all about how to style and photograph the bridal shoes on a wedding day.


If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you know that I always have a system when it comes to how I do things in my business. And I like to share what works (or doesn’t work) with you, so that you don’t make the same mistakes I do.

Let me ask you a question.


Do you have a system when it comes to photographing the wedding shoes on a wedding day? If you answered No, would it be helpful for you to know exactly how to style the bridal details quickly so you don’t run out of time?


Today, I’m going to share with you 12 ways you can photograph the same pair of shoes by only touching them once.


Yes, you read that right!


I usually start by placing the shoes side by side. This is a classic shot that every bride needs to have. From there…


1. I photograph the shoes at eye level.

2. I sit up on my knees and take another shot from about a 45 degree angle.

3. I stand up and I take a flat lay shot.


how to photograph the wedding shoes


Then, I move over to the side and repeat the same process. Here’s what that looks like.


how to style the bridal shoes on a wedding day


See the difference? I haven’t even moved the shoes AT ALL!


For my next set of images, I simply take the right shoe and move it forward just a bit. Next, I repeat the same process (eye level, 45 degree angle, flat lay) and get images that look like this.


Bella Belle Shoes for brides


Lastly, I move slightly to the side and go through the same process again.


Bella Belle pink wedding shoes


Bonus Tip: Use the bride’s veil (or purchase a few yards of tulle for your styling kit) to soften the background, especially when shooting from eye level.


Did you find these tips helpful? I’d love to see how you implement them during your next wedding (or while you practice flat lays at home). Make sure to post your photos inside our Facebook group.

wedding photography Facebook group


Special Announcement!! Next week, I’m releasing a comprehensive guide on how to style and photograph the bridal shoes, and you are the first to know!! Keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement next Thursday!




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