Get HoneyBook for $1/mo – Limited time offer!

How much time do you spend jumping between dozens of tools to manage your business every single day? If you sighed and said “too much!” you’re in the right place.

That used to be me too… but not anymore.

You’ve likely heard me talk about HoneyBook before. I manage everything in my business, from contracts, invoices, questionnaires, email communication and SO.MUCH.MORE through HoneyBook.

Click here to check out my step-by-step HoneyBook workflow.

Luckily for you, I teamed up with HoneyBook to give you something I’ve never offered before: 8 months of HoneyBook for ONLY $1/mo.

Would you spend $1 to manage everything in your business in one place?

I’m talking…

  • Signing Contracts Online
  • Sending Online invoices (with automatic payment reminders)
  • Collecting Payments
  • Sending Questionnaires
  • Setting Automatic Workflows
  • Setting Automatic Reminders

…and so much more.

Honeybook $1 promotion

If you currently have a HoneyBook account and want to still take advantage of this opportunity, make sure to use the code “alina63482” to get 8 months of HoneyBook for $1/mo.

But do it NOW! The $1/mo promotion is only available until August 12th. If you decide to join HoneyBook after that, you’ll have to pay the full price of $40/mo. Which… let’s be honest, is totally worth it. But why pay $40 when you can pay $1?


Update: This offer has expired, but you can still get a 50% discount by clicking on the button above!




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