How to Use Instagram Highlights to Showcase Your Work

Here’s how to use Instagram highlights to showcase your work online! I saw this thing the other day and wanted to let you know about it while it’s still fresh on my mind. :)


You might think it’s nothing juicy… but it’s insanely relevant to your goal of booking more weddings (or sessions)!


Check this out:


A fellow photographer posted that the reason why a bride chose to work with a different photographer instead of her, was because the other photographer had an Instagram highlight that showcased a full wedding day, which gave the bride a better idea of what the wedding gallery would look like.


Interesting, right?


I saw this on social media and immediately thought of writing this blog post because there’s such a valuable teaching moment present right here! :)


Some brides do not browse blogs anymore, they browse Instagram feeds and stories!


Recently, there have been many photographers who messaged me and said that they needed help with their social media.


This Facebook post shows that if you know your ideal client and what they want to see, you can create content that speaks directly to them, like in the example I mentioned above.


It reminded me that sometimes we make things so difficult for ourselves when things can actually be so easy!


Do you showcase your weddings (or sessions) in Instagram stories like you would in a blog post?


I have a slightly different approach when it comes to featuring my work in Instagram stories. —> you can see how I showcase my work under my “Engaged?” highlight on Instagram. Make sure to follow me on IG while you’re at it. ;)


Let’s do this together! And make sure to head over to our private Facebook group if you want to chat more about how you can use Instagram highlights to promote your business online.





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