5 Bridal Poses in 60 Seconds or Less on Wedding Days

Here are my top 5 bridal poses that you can implement in your posing system starting with your very next wedding!


Wedding photographers, when was the last time that you photographed a wedding and didn’t have enough time for bridal portraits? Things always seem to run behind schedule at weddings, which is why you NEED a posing system that you can rely on when you are in a time crunch. Are you ready to learn how to shoot quickly and efficiently so that you can take breathtaking bridal portraits in 60 minutes or less? These are my 5 go-to poses that I use every time I photograph the bride by herself. Hint, hint… senior and portrait photographers, you can definitely steal these to pose senior girls by themselves.


1. Hair Behind Ear

In order to create posing transitions, I like to work from top to bottom. So, for the first pose, I simply ask my bride to play with her hair and bring her hand behind her ear.

eg. Liz, I want you to run your hand through your hair and gently tuck it behind you ear. Look down, perfect!


bridal poses


2. Hand on Chin

Next, I ask the bride to bring her hand down her face to her chin.

eg. If you can, slightly bend your fingers like you’re holding a candle stick and gently touch your chin. Look right at the camera. That’s great!


bridal poses for wedding photographers


3. Hands on Waist

For the next pose, I simply ask the bride to place her hands on her hips and smile.

eg. Liz, can you place your hands on your hips and look down? Perfect, smile… you got it!


posing bride at weddings


4. Hold the Opposite Arm

For pose number four I ask my model to relax her arms and place one hand on the opposite arm.

eg. Alright, now relax your arms a little bit and place your right hand over your left arm. Beautiful!


how to pose the bride


5. Hands Together

Lastly, we end the bridal portraits with a super easy pose by bringing both hands together.

eg. Now, bring your hands together and play with your fingers. Look over your shoulder… that’s perfect!


bridal poses


There ya have it! My go-to bridal poses to ensure that I have a running list of ideas when I only have 2 minutes or less for bridal portraits on a wedding day. Want more free photography tips? Join our private Facebook group for photographers!





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