10 Scroll-Stopping Hooks You Need in Your Instagram Captions

A caption hook is a powerful first line that captures your followers’ attention and stops them in their scroll. When you do this purposefully, your social media engagement will grow as a result. If you’re trying to grow your social media account, then you need to start using these 10 scroll-stopping caption hooks.


Here’s our tried and true formula that we like to follow on our team when we plan social media content: Hook-Content-CTA (call to action).


HOOK: The opening sentence that makes your followers stop, consume, and engage with your content.

CONTENT: The main point of your caption, whether it be a story, a fact, or a tip that you’re sharing.

CTA: The call to action is the very last sentence of your caption that invites your followers to take a specific action (click, like, follow, etc.).


If you’re one of our students, you might have noticed that we follow this formula in Caption Collective. Here’s an example:

instagram caption hooks for photographers

Do you see how the first 3 words can make someone stop in their tracks and leave them wanting to read more? You can write the perfect caption, but if it doesn’t make someone stop and read it, they are just going to skip over it and your social media engagement will sink.


The best Instagram caption hooks will:

  • pique interest
  • spark curiosity
  • be intriguing


Now that you know what Instagram caption hooks are, let’s take a look at 10 hooks that you can start using in your captions today!


10 Scroll-Stopping Hooks for Photographers


  1. You won’t believe what…
  2. You’d never guess THIS about…
  3. I hate to admit it, but…
  4. I’m convinced that…
  5. That one time I…
  6. What if I told you that…
  7. Have you ever…?
  8. Can I share a secret?
  9. Is it just me, or…?
  10. Ahhh, I knew it!


Curious to see how you could use the Instagram caption hooks above to customize a caption? Here’s an example from our Instagram Captions for Wedding Photographers!

instagram caption hooksWhat would it feel like if you could write captions that attract your dream clients and build trust with your audience? How would you feel if you could consistently show up on social media and finally start feeling good about your marketing plan? 


Luckily for you, Caption Collective includes 30 NEW monthly captions that are fully customizable so you can know exactly what to post and what to say EVEN IF you don’t know where to start when it comes to writing captions!


If you’re looking to post on social media in 2 minutes or less every single day so that you can show up online and continue to attract dream clients WITHOUT the overwhelm, then I want to invite you to join Caption Collective for FREE below!


instagram captions for wedding photographers


wedding captions free trial





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