MyMind App: The New AI Tool to Organize Your Creative Mess

The MyMind app is a must have tool every photographer needs to use this year! I learned about it at the HoneyBook Summit last month and it’s absolutely genius.


If you’re anything like me, you have screenshots saved in your camera roll, different files on your desktop, images saved in Pinterest boards, Dropbox folders full of things you say you’ll get back to later but never do, and tons of other bookmarks saved in all kinds of random apps. But what if there was a way to bring them all together under one roof?


What is MyMind AI?



MyMind is a new AI tool that helps you save and organize your ideas from all around the web in one place. All you have to do is save your ideas to MyMind and it does the organizing for you. Then, when you want to find something you’ve saved, you simply search for it inside of MyMind and it’ll show up properly tagged and organized. It’s like your own personal search engine but with a Pinterest feel which is really, really fun.


mymind app


Less Clutter


What’s more, with the MyMind app you can save quotes, images, articles, products, you name it, and they will file themselves away properly tagged so you can easily access them later. Saw a cool photography tip on a blog? Click — it’s in MyMind. Found a great pose you want to try at your next session? Click — snagged it for later. Digital disorganization gone! It’s AMAZING!!


MyMind App


When you’re preparing for a wedding or session and need to pull together a mood board of poses, you don’t have to sift thorough a digital junk drawer anymore. A quick search on MyMind and you’ve got everything you need in seconds. No more wasting time sorting and labeling. MyMind AI does it for you. Finding your saved ideas is now easier than ever. If you remember a color or a vague keyword from a saved article, it pops up without fuss.


I found this gift idea while browsing online. Normally, I would take a screenshot, save it for later, then probably forget about it. With MyMind, I was able to save it and now, whenever I use the app, I can simply type “gifts” and this image, as well as all the information like price, description, and website link will pop up for me with just one click. How awesome is that?!

mymin app AI

Accessible Everywhere


One great thing about MyMind is that it’s available everywhere I go. Have an iPhone, Android tablet, or computer? MyMind has an app or extension for that. So, wherever inspiration strikes, I save it with one simple click.


Between you and me, getting your creative life organized feels as good as nailing that perfect golden hour shot. So, if your digital world is a bit of a hot mess and you’re looking for that perfect corner to stash your creative ideas, you’ve gotta give MyMind a try. It’s like having a personal assistant who understands exactly how your photographer brain works.


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