One Easy Way to Repurpose Blog Post Images for Social Media

Here’s an easy way to repurpose your blog post images for social media. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about repurposing content. I’m always looking for new ways to share my work in different forms and reach more people.


So, when I thought about what else I could use my blog post images for, I had this idea:


What if I turned each image or collage from my blog into a Facebook post? The images are already edited and resized, why not schedule them to post each day until they run out? There really isn’t any additional work on my part, except for spending 5 extra minutes to schedule them all at once.


This helps in two ways:


  1. Facebook pushes your work into your audience’s newsfeed every day, so you look busy and in demand. I can’t tell you how many people have told me “We see you everywhere!” because of this little tip.
  2. It gives your brides and vendors involved a reason to share your work, which in return, will help your work to be seen by their family and friends. Win-win!


So, here’s how I repurpose my blog post images for social media!

I take each set of images from my blog post and schedule them to post into Facebook on a different day with basically the same text that might say something along the Iines of:

“Click here to browse the blog for more sessions like this: [link]”

“Click here to browse the blog for more wedding photos: [link]”

“Click here to see this gorgeous wedding/session: [link]”

“Click here to see Grace and Dalton’s beautiful engagement session: [link]”

“Click here to see more of this D.C. engagement session: [link]”

If you have 20-30 images for example, you can easily schedule them in less than 10 minutes, and have content that will post for you automatically for a full MONTH!


This is how I repurpose my blog post images for social media. Try it! I promise you, it works amazingly well!


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