3 Secret Posing Tips Every Photographer Needs to Know

Here are 3 secret posing tips every photographer needs to know!



Have you ever shot a session in a GORGEOUS location when the light was just beautiful?! You couldn’t contain your excitement when you looked at the back of your camera, but then…


…you quickly realized that your couple just didn’t look natural in any of the pictures!!


Here’s the truth!


Not everyone is good at posing. Some clients are more coachable than others. But it’s YOUR job to make them look good in pictures! And here’s the thing: to be a successful portrait photographer, you have to know how to pose your clients!



There are a few tricks that I use to make sure that the poses I direct my couples into flatter every body type.



1. Make sure the bride’s arm is always covered by the groom’s. This creates a slimming effect on her arm, which is always desirable. Use this trick especially if you are working with a curvy bride.



2. When you have the bride face the camera directly for a pose, always guide her to bend one knee. This will accentuate her curves and make her look more feminine and relaxed.



3. As much as possible, avoid shooting from directly in front of the bride like you see in image #1. By positioning her at an angle, like you see in image #2, the camera will create a slimming effect. Win-win!


See? Posing doesn’t have to be intimidating or hard. The trick is to know how to pose your clients the RIGHT WAY so they look natural and not stiff or awkward.


If you enjoyed these posing tips, I want to hear from YOU! What are your biggest challenges when it comes to posing your clients? Let me know inside our private Facebook group!





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