The Only 4 Lenses You Need to Photograph a Wedding

Today I’m going to walk you through the only 4 lenses I use to photograph a wedding. But first, let me ask you a question: How many lenses do you carry with you on wedding days?


If you’re anything like me, you love going behind-the-scenes of another photographer’s business. Since I get a lot of questions about the photography gear I use, today I want to share with you the only 4 lenses I use on a wedding day.


  • 24-70 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 85 mm
  • 70-20 mm


For my particular style of shooting, I feel that I can give my clients a well-rounded photography experience while only using these 4 lenses. The reason for only keeping these lenses is that I like to have them all on me at any given time. So, it’s important to me that they all fit in the one camera bag that I carry with me throughout the day.


The two main lenses I use on a wedding day are the 50 mm and the 85 mm.


50 mm

I use the 50 mm to photograph the getting ready part of the day and the wedding details. I quickly attach these macro filters on top of my 50 mm if I need to shoot macro for details.


85 mm

I use the 85 mm lens for portraits (bride & groom and bridal party pictures) and reception details like the center pieces, etc.


24-70 mm

I’ll use the 24-70 mm lens instead of the 50 mm during the getting ready portion of the day if the getting ready room is too tight. I also use this lens during the reception and to photograph large bridal parties.


70-200 mm

This is my go-to lens for ceremony pictures. Occasionally, I’ll use it for bride and groom portraits as well.


There are the only four lenses I use to photograph a wedding. While I used to carry a lot more lenses with me on wedding days in the past, I now completely rely on these four. What are your favorite lenses and why? Join our Facebook group for photographers and let’s chat!


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