What is HoneyBook?

A few months ago, I got an invitation from HoneyBook to attend their first ever HoneyBook Partner Summit, and I’m finally able to tell you all about it. But just in case you’re wondering, “What is HoneyBook?”, let me quickly tell you how I use it in my business and how it can help you too.


What is HoneyBook?


HoneyBook is a client management tool that lets you organize every aspect of your business in one place so you can book more clients and get paid quickly. Before using HoneyBook, I would have a million spreadsheets and physical copies of contracts, questionnaires, to-do lists you name it, all over my office. It took me so much time to handle the backend of my business because I didn’t have an organized system to keep track of everything. Now, I use HoneyBook for literally everything:

  • contracts
  • proposals
  • invoices
  • payments
  • questionnaires
  • session scheduling
  • automations
  • tracking inquiries
  • and so much more!


Are you struggling with staying on top of client bookings and communications? I was too, until I discovered HoneyBook, and let me tell you, this is the only tool you need next year. Plus you can get 50% OFF for an entire year of HoneyBook with my referral link. Click here to claim your discount! If you currently have a HoneyBook account and still want to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure to use the code: alina.


The Summit Experience

A few months ago, I received an email with an invitation to the first-ever HoneyBook Partner Summit. While I was extremely honored and excited about the invitation, the introvert in me wasn’t thrilled at the idea of walking into a room full of people I don’t know and try to make small talk with people I’ve never met before.


If you know me, conferences are not my thing at all and I shy away from them as much as possible. The Partner Summit, however, was more than just a conference. It felt like a cozy get-together with fellow entrepreneurs who share the same goal of making their businesses grow. I got to spend 2 amazing days getting to know new people, making connections, learning new strategies for business growth, and visiting the amazing HoneyBook office. Socializing is not that bad after all! ;)


I flew in last Monday and arrived in San Francisco around lunch time. I knew that the next 2 days were going to be jam packed with the event activities, so Tim and I went straight to the hotel to drop off our luggage, then took an Uber to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We grabbed some lunch, explored the surroundings a little bit, then headed back to the hotel. We made a quick pit stop in Chinatown then headed to dinner and back to the hotel so that we could rest after a long day of travel.


What is HoneyBook


Day 2 started with an early breakfast, a welcome from the HoneyBook CEO and 2 keynote presentations. After lunch, we had 2 workshops, and then ended the day with a trip to the HoneyBook office, which was the highlight of the trip for me. I’ve seen so many pictures of their office over the years, and seeing it in person was amazing.


On day 3, I got to sit in on a live podcast interview that will come out next month and it was absolutely insightful to hear the strategies that other entrepreneurs use in their business. So I definitely had a few aha moments that gave me lots of ideas to implement next year. Afterwards, I attended 3 more workshops in a smaller group setting and got to sit down with the HoneyBook team, learn about all the new features they are currently working on, and offer feedback on which features we’d like to see released first.




Some of the new things that are coming down the pipeline:

  • a customized pipeline
  • smart fields in emails
  • SMS notifications
  • OOO (out of office) notifications
  • HoneyBook finance (payments deposited instantly, HB debit card, and more)
  • AI-powered clientflow


Remember when we were asking, “What is HoneyBook?” It isn’t just another platform, it’s your all-in-one business hub. From seamless client management to efficient workflow automation, HoneyBook has it all. And as a bonus for reading till the end, I’ve included a special discount link → click here for 50% OFF your entire year of HoneyBook. If you currently have a HoneyBook account and still want to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure to use the code: alina.


What new features would you like to see in the future? Let me know in the comments, and I’d be happy to relay them to the team.


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